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  1. chickenfinder

    Duck Question !!

    Can anyone answer this question ? If you have six ducks 2 males 4 females ok . The two drakes will argue, out of the four females they fight over just one and will breed the heck out of just that one, ignoring the others . Did you ever wonder why or how they choose just that one female ? They...
  2. chickenfinder

    Better introduction

    This is a case of learning . I should have made a better introduction . First I should tell you I grew up in a large family that was poorer than Cooter Brown after a two week drinking binge ! I learned quick how to make something out of nothing so If anyone would like to here some things about...
  3. chickenfinder

    For off grid young folks!

    I want to tell off gridders they can brood chicks without having electricity ! When my wife and I were young we wanted to have eggs and meat from chickens and I came up with a way to brood them , keep them warm , we lived in a cabin 1/2 mile from the road so guess what ?no electric . So what I...
  4. chickenfinder


    I can't believe a good God fearing man can't buy a decent incubator. All they seem to sell is China junk plastic everything mine came pre- broken one of the trays the crank end was gone and it was also supposed to have a foam insulation outside lined NOT!!! It took me 2 hours to snap this...
  5. chickenfinder


    Hi you all, I Live in Ohio and I am looking for some pure Malay . I would like wheaten but will consider others . I raised some years ago and they were all tame! If someone has feel free to contact me with a price . Thanks , Chicken finder
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