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  1. KenlyWimberley

    Hen or Tom?

    This turkey is about a year old and I am struggling to figure out what gender it is. I didn’t think females did the strut, but I’m so confused at this point! (The turkey that is sitting on the dog and the fluffed up picture are the same)
  2. KenlyWimberley

    What kind of goose?

    Does anyone have any clue what kind of geese these are? We got them from a feed store and they didn’t know. We wondered if they were Toulouse, but as they get bigger, they don’t look like Toulouse at all.
  3. KenlyWimberley

    So excited!

    Hi all! I’m so excited to go be part of this community and learn more about my fluffy butt babies! My husband and I have a cotton farm in Texas and this year we decided to get some poultry to add to the farm. We have 12 chickens, 6 ducks, 4 geese, and 4 turkeys! (This all started as 6 chicks...
  4. KenlyWimberley

    Wyandotte or no?

    About 8 weeks ago we picked up this chick from tractor supply. We asked for two Wyandottes and she was one of them. I’m not entirely convinced she is a Wyandotte. She has feathered legs and is growing much slower than the other. Anyone have a clue what she may be? Thanks! (First image is of her...
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