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  1. chickenreyna

    Help her balance and feet or legs did this pics included! advice needed

    She wasn't injured! i had her by herself in a coop and noticed her balance was poor she's still has appetite and everythings ok except she can't walk. Please don't tell me to cull her i can't
  2. chickenreyna

    Any idea on the breed of this?

    I found it along with several polish chicks in the wrong bin labelled Cornish looks extra Yellow legs and feet
  3. chickenreyna

    What breed is this bantam juvenile??

    Its tiny and very calm and docile acting demeanor... I got it from tractor/farm store out of random assorted bin..
  4. chickenreyna

    What breed is this banty juvenile?

    Yeah, its a random assorted bin banty from a tractor store, so genetics may not be ideal OR best, heads up! it used to be almost pure white, then had black zig-zag lines against the white wings now it is almost pure Black, as u can see.. lol
  5. chickenreyna

    Will a BB RED game banty crossed w. a MOTTLED=SPECKLED SUSSEX

    Looking offspring?? Not the breed but a similar pattern to a SPECKLED susseX, if that makes sense. And if so, how long will it take to show spots? Awhile like it takes a mottled breed? Heads up, I'm asking BC My Mother in law she seems to think a bb red game crossed with A Japanese mottled...
  6. chickenreyna

    What breed is this random assorted bantam bin looking?

    bought from farm supply store out of random banty assorted bin, light color feet appears to have tiny single comb type, smaller than the rest, which i purchased same time from same banty bin. Perhaps, a serama is all i can come up with.
  7. chickenreyna

    what is this color of this polish juvenile considered?

    If any? Its like calico all different colors, I know That's only term described for cats lol
  8. chickenreyna

    What breeds is this little one looking?

    Assorted banty bin. Fairly certain this does not have a single single comb! Very docile plus nice behavior
  9. chickenreyna

    Help my little hen has cut from chicken wire on side of face and it caused eye to shut!

    Im out of triple antibiotic ointment too should i put some saline in eyes or judt treat the cut?
  10. chickenreyna

    what will this polish look like as it matures?

    with white coming through on feathers and darker Brown color on chest..
  11. chickenreyna

    a chicken hair band or bow with a rubber band for my polish

    Polish Silkie mix. My 'polkie' i have been using tiny hair bands but i have to readjust it often plus they fall out! any suggestions on where to order or what size to order for her, because i cannot find chicken crest bows or chicken bows for sale for a chickens crest anywhere
  12. chickenreyna

    what breed does this resemble a banty cochin or a duccle as of right now?

    I know its still young but guesses please ;) got it out of assorted banty bin!
  13. chickenreyna

    Assortment banty bin mystery chick #1

    I know it is too young but i am eager to know what you think this banty chick breed is.. Any guesses? It has dark gray clean legs. Almost everything in the banty bin had clean legs when i went, opposed to typical feathered feet bantam cochins, bantam brahmas or silkies ETC bantam bin is what i...
  14. chickenreyna

    My egg-sperts, where you at? Guess roos breed or breeds?

    wat does this fella look liklike , what breed does he look like? ❤ Edit: I am losing it..i miscounted Forgot we already in January, he is 7-8 mos not 6-7. Lol
  15. chickenreyna

    i witnessed my bantam hen that lays eggs CROW today!!!WHO ELSE HAS

    Had hens that crow? and I NEVER thought i would witness this epic of a event..i recall reading on rare occasions. hens will crow! Well, she would be super aggressive TO OTHERS IN MY FLOCK..thats fitting SINCE she IS a crow-er now, too. #now that is a dual purpose chicken, right#LOLOL
  16. chickenreyna

    two black copper maran hens but the eyes look different,

    Both lay dark cashew eggs. I bought them from different people. One is an only survivor of four. and i think has poorer genetics almost looks like i dunno..glaucoma Appearance Sometimes appear glossy. I dont know if chickens can have glaucoma lol but heres photos of them. The one with the odd...
  17. chickenreyna

    what gender is this 6 month old cross between americauna and bantam brahma?

    Both of the parents indeed have pea comb type if i am incorrect, sorry.. Fairly certain the comb would be brighter&more vibrant in color, months before now, if it were indeed a rooster? Plus, it has a half sibling born same week that is a full blown roo right now! crowing and breeding. LOL
  18. chickenreyna

    help my hen i gave epsome salt bath and

    I thought she had a prolapsed vent after i was done soaking her.. but it doesn't seem to be out now but she ate some scrambled eggs.. however still droopy posture. Poor balance and no droppings at all .. help please i used a little hemorrhoid cream by it but its not sticking out anymore i dont...
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