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  1. scbatz33

    Italian Mastiff Puppies

    These will be VERY large dogs. Sire 190lbs. Dam 140 (her sire 200, dam 150) They are excellent guard dogs. Both ours mingle with chickens. Our male worked well with cattle and horses. They are very protective of family and property. They need room and excersize. They drool, snore and pass gas...
  2. scbatz33

    Mastiff lovers, this thread is for you!

    These are the best dogs in the whole wide world! we have had them for several years now and are rejoicing in our first litter of puppies. share your pics, stories and love for the mastiff, english, french, italian, african,etc. we arent biased(much. lol) we have neapolitan (ie italian) mastiff.
  3. scbatz33

    here comes the rain........again!

    Oh man! Will this ever stop? About 1/2 an hour ago the rain was blowing in 3 different directions at once! That passed over but I can here the sky rumbling again!!!! Rain rain go away!!!
  4. scbatz33

    Close enough for government work! Seriously funny if it weren't so sad and such a perfect example of the depths of the laziness and mediocre-is-good-enough attitude running rampant...
  5. scbatz33

    12+ LF Lavender Oprington Project Eggs

    These are my current generation of Splits and lavenders. I have a Lavender and Split roo over Split hens. You will get a mix of split and lavenders with the possibility of a mottled chick. I am having very good hatching rates. I have been hatching since the first of the year. I ship priority...
  6. scbatz33

    Yearlings needing new homes.

    Hey all. As some of you may know, I have a couple too many horses. I am looking to find homes for my two yearling fillies. These girls are thoroughbreds. They are in the process of being registered with the Jockey Club. They will also be registered PA bred. They can be raced. They can be raced...
  7. scbatz33

    Name the New Baby Contest - FINAL WEEK 4 SUBMISSIONS - name list pg 12

    Here's the deal. We need a name for our new baby. He was foaled 3/4/11. He will be registered with The Jockey Club by the end of the summer so we need to have a name picked out. These are the rules - per TJC registration Rule 6F....... " The following classes of names are not eligible for...
  8. scbatz33

    GL Polish boys?girls?? help!

    What are they? Boys or girls? They are supposed to be from an early Nov hatch - so aprox 4 months? Pic isn't great but they aren't good at standing still. I thought girls when I first got them in jan. But they have a lot of waddle and comb at this point AND their hackle feathers are long and...
  9. scbatz33

    Orp folks! Opinions PLEASE!!!

    My absolute favorite split boy coming up...he's from a late may 2010 hatch. He's got good size. he's proportionate. Not too leggy, IMO. Comb is still a bit off but better than anyone I've got I think. another split from the same age group.... The comb is not over run with points but it's...
  10. scbatz33

    Any one need some butter?
  11. scbatz33

    In Greensboro, it's SHCOOL!

    My favorite part is that the correct spelling of the word is in 1/2 a dozen places all with in view of the mis-painted sign.
  12. scbatz33

    Rachel Alexandra Racing Collage signed by Calvin Borel

    This is a collage of Rachel Alexandra's races put out by Oaklawn Park. It features her wins in The Fantasy Stakes on April 5, 2009 in which she won by 8 3/4 lengths over a mile and 1/16 wire to wire in 1:43.35 and The Martha Washington Stakes which she set the the speed record for the race...
  13. scbatz33

    KATHYINMO to the Nursery STAT!!!!!results post 36 and 38

    They are a bit early (day 20) but we have babies!!!!!!!!!! Most every egg was pipped or peeping......... 20 for 20 too much to ask?? Had to help this poor guy. He got his head stuck in the empty shell! LOL! two blacks and two lavs so far.
  14. scbatz33

    Wanted: Pick up in Central KY - 2 mo old goose

    Looking for companion for our female. Would like a male, but a female would be ok. Would like an African, but a similar sized breed would be ok. Must be close to two months of age. Must be people "semi-friendly" at bare minimum. Must be able to pick up near Lexington, KY. Will drive about an...
  15. scbatz33

    Dumb Question, maybe, but can a raccoon.......

    Open my metal trash cans of feed? Better yet, would a raccoon open my metal cans instead of snacking on my chicks in the stall next door? I KNOW I close those lids after feeding, yet every morning one or the other lid is off the can. These are snug fitting metal cans. I put the lid on all the...
  16. scbatz33

    OEGB or Phoenix???????

    They are aprox 6 weeks old. One is clearly more male than the other. But I have no idea what they are. They looked like little chipmunks with painted eyes as day olds. Him.... He's in the top of the feeder, she's between the orps Her....
  17. scbatz33

    What happened on the way to school today.......

    My sister was taking my kids a nd her daughter to school this morning when a tractor trailer on the opposites side of the road lost control of the truck and flipped over. This is the picture. where she stopped to where the truck stopped! It's amazing that no one was hurt. The truck didn't hit a...
  18. scbatz33

    Office Work.......

    So I'm pretending to be working and typing away at the computer makes the powers at be think I'm actually accomplishing something. Who else is feigning productivity at work today?
  19. scbatz33

    10 yr old TB Mare infoal to Wiseman's Ferry by Hennessy $5000

    Pumpkin Roll by Rocky Mountain out of Discreat Pumpkin by Discretion(FR). She was ultra-sounded 5/26/10 in-foal. LDB 3/22/10. Money earning, race winning grand daughter of Alydar. UTD on all vacc, worming, teeth and farrier. Currently Barefoot. I have bills to pay and husband hasn't found...
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