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  1. hooktontravel

    What to do with Olaf?

    Chicken saddles for the favorite hens are a great idea. Also you can entirely remove the outer shell of the spur with no harm to the roo. It will grow back again but meanwhile is much shorter and less tangling and tripping for him. There’s a ‘hot potato ‘ method but just holding a wet cloth on...
  2. hooktontravel

    Comment by 'hooktontravel' in article 'Deep Litter Method The Easiest Way To Deal With Chicken Litter Dlm'

    it can also be really bad for the birds' air sacs. i think it's only approved as an anti-caking additive for feed. I know lots of folks use it for bug prevention but it is very low effectiveness and high inhalation risk for humans AND the animals. really bad for your lungs!!
  3. hooktontravel

    Is the La Bresse Way of Raising Chickens Scientifically Tested?

    i had no idea this was a thing. from what I was just reading it doesn't sound like they're force fed at all, just allowed free choice of the mash and kept in confinement to add fat and let the muscle get less-tough... I feel a lot better about that than tube-feeding birds for foie gras (which...
  4. hooktontravel

    Comment by 'hooktontravel' in article 'Keeping ducks and chickens together.'

    I have mine sleep together. tiny flock... it's down to 5 since my duck got eggbound and died, but the drake still sleeps with the chickens. they roost, he's on the floor. no food or water inside the house, and I made bucket feeders with PVC elbows so they are outside. We have buckets to drink...
  5. hooktontravel

    Summer Blowout Sale in the BYC Store-Extended through End of August!

    oh shoot! I never even knew I needed BYC clothing but now I know. good thing i can remedy that lack in my life. OOOO, bumper stickers! ohhhhh, tattoos!!!
  6. hooktontravel

    Comment by 'hooktontravel' in article 'Build a coop from pallets'

    That looks nice and large! Did you line it with hardware cloth or are there boards inside? anything to keep small predators out? Around here there are weasels that can go through anything down to 1 inch!! I like this idea! i've seen yard fences from pallets, but usually when I see things built...
  7. hooktontravel

    I need directions to set a Rite Farm 36 Pro Digital Incubator.

    Same boat with my 1200. I'm muddling through. I know mine are carefully 'put away' in a 'safe place'... grrrrr. might have to call the company and ask for a new set, if I can't turn them up. sorry i'm no help -- just commiseration.
  8. hooktontravel

    Topic of the Week - Lice and Mites - Prevention and Treatments

    Yes! Ivermectin.This study looks at ivermectin administered via feed. I did read the pour on label in the feed store yesterday and it says a 28 day withdrawl for meat animals... I would definitely try the ivermec for your birds! most of the breeders around me use it if their birds have a...
  9. hooktontravel

    Topic of the Week - Lice and Mites - Prevention and Treatments

    Actually, the study I read showed it in the yolks for 6 days. They have a list of all sorts of medications used in birds, approved and not approved in usa or EU and what the residues in eggs were. Try this: It was fed...
  10. hooktontravel

    Comment by 'hooktontravel' in article 'Chicken Treat Chart—the Best Treats for Backyard Chickens'

    around here in winter i'm careful feeding warm cooked things on cold days. If it's below freezing, and especially below zero, the steam can cause frostbite on the combs and wattles. otherwise, they DO love it! I actually often use crumbles or mash and mix in hot or warm water for them. chicken...
  11. hooktontravel

    Sponsored Post Teenage Chickens: 3 Frequently Asked Questions

    Any reason why not feed a higher protein feed to all the birds (like a grower) and just offer them extra calcium free-choice? I have a microflock of chickens and a drake right now... all over 1 year. I fed grower up until the girls started laying, and then on for a couple months after with...
  12. hooktontravel

    Make your own - No waste - 5 gallon (25# feed) bucket feeder for about $3

    It should do. Mine are all large fowl, BUT they were using it from about 2 months old if I remember correctly, and they were much smaller then. One scissorbeak was even still chick sized most of her short life, and she would use it too (despite a special creep-feed setup with wet mash available)...
  13. hooktontravel

    Our Maine Duck House

    Sand is supposed to be excellent for outside. my guys are just in a big pen (200 feet of snow fence zip-tied to trees) in the woods, so i let them muddle in the leaves and stuff. I haven't put a fully-enclosed area or had to do footing for it. I plan to move the pen periodically. It's one duck...
  14. hooktontravel

    Our Maine Duck House

    that looks amazing!!! I bought some 2x's and 1x's and scrounged every other bit of my bird house from old plywood and other scrap lying around. it's servicable, but nowhere near as nice as what you'll have. Unfortunately i'm not much help on the above questions. I'll toss out my thoughts and you...
  15. hooktontravel

    Sick 2 day old Embden Gosling

    Never mind! this little guy died. not sure why. We kept him warm and comfortable as much as we could...
  16. hooktontravel

    Sick 2 day old Embden Gosling

    Hi everyone. I have a sick gosling over here. the other 3 hatched out a day ahead of this guy... he's just lying on the warmplate sleeping. very lethargic. he's perked up a time or two today, but clearly isn't doing well. The others hatched Sunday, this guy finally made it out Monday evening...
  17. hooktontravel

    Embdem Goslings questions

    I didn't know nutritional was higher in niacin. that's great to know! the duckling didn't really like it, so I didn't use it all the time.
  18. hooktontravel

    Embdem Goslings questions

    when I had one duckling with my chicks last year i fed all grower for chicks (unmedicated, of course!). I did watch the duckling in case she had an issue, and I had nutritional yeast I sprinkled on her food. I would've gotten brewer's yeast to add if she showed any problems, but she never did. I...
  19. hooktontravel

    Embdem Goslings questions

    Sounds good! That was one of my guesses.
  20. hooktontravel

    marking sexed goslings

    i had someone suggest ankle tags for poultry to me. there are some that are zip ties with cute charms on them, and there are basic bands you can pick up at the feed store.
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