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  1. omeomy07

    Lash egg? [Graphic]

    One (well, five hens and three ducks) were killed by dogs this morning. This was one of my older ~2 1/2-3 yrs girls that hadn't laid for quite some time. I finally got her all plucked and just pulled this out. Is any part of her safe to eat, for the cats, (our) dogs or humans?
  2. omeomy07

    Duck injured bill. Will/can this heal?

  3. omeomy07

    Duck injured her bill. Will/can this heal?

    I just saw this wound. If it can't /won't heal, I need to cull ASAP. I sprayed some veterycin in there but that's it. I'm willing to treat her if it seems like it's possible for her to recover. She's about 4 months, Ancona.
  4. omeomy07

    I think my chicken is an internal layer and I want your input.

    So, I've been reading up on internal laying the past couple of days and I think one of my hens might be an internal layer. She was purchased at an Ace Hardware, which I believe sources their birds from Meyer Hatchery. I know it's a hatchery, not a breeder. Anyway... She hasn't laid an egg in a...
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