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  1. wildwestcoast

    Bear problem

    okay so last night a black bear pushed down the back fence, tried to get into coop#1 and failed (or gave up) ripped chain link fence aside, tore through the wire mesh on the attached run of coop#2 and went after my red stars. I found them this morning 2 in my backyard yard 2 in my front yard...
  2. wildwestcoast

    What is this?

    Im trying to find out if this is an injury or a parasite? Doesnt look like molting to me as im not seeing new feathers. Could she be bullied? I dont have a rooster.
  3. wildwestcoast

    Treating scaly leg with red-kote

    Hi looking for someone with experience using red-kote for scaly leg mites. The can gives directions for wound care but no mention of scaly leg. I cant imagine doing this twice a day.. and for how long? These birds like me a whole lot less tonight after I picked them off their perch one by one...
  4. wildwestcoast

    Sick chicken?

    I have a pullet who is hanging off to the side, is standing still and eyes keep closing like she is falling asleep. Unusual behaviour for her I noticed right away. I then went to collect the eggs and one was layed outside the nest box, a large thin unusual shell, with half the shell missing...
  5. wildwestcoast

    Obnoxiously loud hen

    I have a hen who was broody but with a bit of effort she is back to laying. Before the broody she was a very quiet hen and I have had her since last september. The problem now is..she is soooo loud. like she crows and crows at various times of day. This has been going on for a couple of...
  6. wildwestcoast

    new coop..chickens don't want to use it

    Hi all, so I got the new coop/run built and the new girls have arrived. they don't want to go in the coop! the attached run is fairly small and I figured that when dusk approached they would go it as they had nowhere else to go haha. they had gone up the ladder and peered in but that is about...
  7. wildwestcoast

    how to get my run smelling fresher

    Hi all, we finally got some nice sunny warm days up here in western Canada :D I was out in the yard working on the new coop and noticed the chicken smell was a little stonger than my neighbours might appreciate. (I live in town) I read in an old thread about using food grade diotomaceous...
  8. wildwestcoast

    Exciting renos

    So excited, hubby cemented in posts for a much improved larger run. And my new coop is almost ready :weecant wait for the new birds! The four I currently have will be enjoying their new run hopefully this weekend:woot
  9. wildwestcoast


    Sorry if this us a dumb question lol..I have a bantam black orp who likes to sit on the eggs lately and I've caught her just sitting there in the nest box when I go out to lock the coop in the evening. When I take the eggs she does get up and go but I'm wondering if she could be broody? I dont...
  10. wildwestcoast

    Waiting for first svart hona egg

    I got a new mixed flock last fall, 2 EEs a bantam black orpington and a svart hona. They were all at least 6 months old last fall and finally I have been getting some eggs (finally!) Usually I can tell who is ready to lay because of the bright red combs. I am getting green from my easter...
  11. wildwestcoast

    Duck egg ideas?

    Hi all :) a friend from work is giving me a dozen duck eggs to try. I have heard they taste different than chicken eggs. Some even say they taste fishy. I hope not! Should I just use them in baking or are they good in regular egg dishes? Do you have any favourite ways to cook them? :jumpy
  12. wildwestcoast

    Chickens under attack!!

    My new flock was attacked by a mink in broad daylight, middle of the afternoon. I heard the commotion and came running..pepper my barred EE was screaming her head off. I caught her and put her in the coop. I found my other EE, my svart hona and my bantam black orp hiding in a corner or my yard...
  13. wildwestcoast

    Hen with light pink comb help

    Hi everyone. When I went outside to let my hens out today I noticed that the one who went through a big moult now has her feathers back but her comb is a very pale pink and so is her face. Drastically different than the others. One of my other hens had a bit of a moult and she is now on the...
  14. wildwestcoast

    don't forget to lock up the coop for the night!

    last night i didn't lock up the chickens on time. My daughter came running downstairs saying the chickens were making alot of noise. i went tearing out the back door and sure enough...they were hollering, flying around in the dark and generally panicked. I called for a flashlight and I heard...
  15. wildwestcoast

    help with molting

    One of my hens is molting, she has lost feathers completely on the back of her neck and part of her back. I have been reading on here and from what I understand this is normal, although unusual for her to have such a hard molt as she is aprox 9 months old. The temperatures are dipping to below...
  16. wildwestcoast

    chickens have all stopped laying

    okay so I apologize in advance if this is a question that has been asked to death :) BUT...I am stumped as to why my chickens (6 hens) have all stopped laying suddenly. No eggs for several days. they are not sick, they are not moulting. yes it's a bit colder and we have a couple hours less...
  17. wildwestcoast

    questions about my hen's crop

    okay so I am new to chickens and have six point of lays. One of them I noticed acting kinda funny, looked very large in the chest compared to the other ones and would move her head around and look to the sky with her beak open like she was drinking air. I picked her up and checked her out and...
  18. wildwestcoast

    too many treats, hens not eating feed

    I think I have been spoiling my hens with treats as they have now decided they don't want their layer pellets but come rushing to the gate when I go outside as if they are starving. I have stopped the goodies and am just letting them range around during the day. My question is, will they go...
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