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  1. knine

    My girls are producing

  2. knine

    Sad day

    Some vile predator came in and killed my male Sultan Roo....thats him on my avatar ......I know this happens with free ranging chickens but it still makes me upset and mad . He was a sweet guy that never picked on anyone .....he was a loner and that is what prob lead to him getting killed...
  3. knine

    Happy Feet Japanese bantam Roo

    He is a feisty little Roo that dont take any crap from my bigger Roo's
  4. knine

    Coming of age

    Just one of my big black girls coming of age ......
  5. knine

    Swinging Sultan , mom and baby and pissed off Roo

    Mohawk Swinging our new mamma and baby chick and my stalking Roo...... If he is 8" tall and 3 lbs thats big but he or his brother that look just like him do care they protect the flock as good as they can with all heart .
  6. knine

    Eggs and boudin

    Not much of a recipes but was very good . Fried brown and green yard eggs over med with some Cajun boudin .
  7. knine

    German Shepherds

    I have 4 GSD's well 3 that I will keep I have one left from a litter that I am house training and obedience training to sell later I say LOL . I train also in Schutzhund off and on for fun .
  8. knine

    Crazy chicken man

    Hello all - Me and my wife have or had about 40 chickens but just in the last few weeks so coons have been taking the out . I have taken the measures to protecting them been since . We have 22 left now but will get some more soon . Here is the new coop for my flock adding nesting boxes and...
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