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  1. sean_wonder

    When to do Safety Hole???

    I have a chick who internally pipped but no idea when she pipped. She was chirping quite a lot, took a nap, then chirped less. I can still hear her scratching, but she’s been internally pipped for at least 6 hours now with no external progress. Is it okay if I make a safety hole?
  2. sean_wonder

    Dewormer = Diarrhea?

    I put my chickens on 3cc per gallon of 10% suspension SafeGuard goat dewormer yesterday, and this morning I noticed one of my girls had diarrhea frozen to the feathers under her vent. Is this a normal/okay symptom? Otherwise she is acting normally and laid an egg before I left for school (formed...
  3. sean_wonder

    7 month Chicken molt?

    My chickens are 7 months, nearly eight months old, but all of a sudden they're loosing feathers left and right! The entire coop is covered, as well as every part of the run. Shouldn't they not be molting until 16 months? They're on 18% protein unmedicated feed.
  4. sean_wonder

    Chicken wants attention?

    Just curious to hear your thoughts, but lately my smallest girl, Cheryl, has started chasing my feet and pecking them until I pick her up and give her a cuddle. I gave her a very quick cuddle this morning (I have to cuddle her until she relaxes her legs, otherwise she keeps pecking) and while I...
  5. sean_wonder

    VetRX not working

    My chickens have a respiratory infection; snot, sneezing, a little bit of audible breathing, the whole shebang. Some have it worse than others. The snot is clear and not at all sticky, there's no discharge from their eyes, the inside of their mouths are clear and healthy looking, they've got...
  6. sean_wonder

    Sharpie on Eggs for Eating?

    We're trying to date the eggs so that we eat the old ones first, is sharpie ok to use?
  7. sean_wonder

    Animated Ads

    All these new animated/slideshow ads are absolutely draining my computer battery, and causing significant in-site lag.
  8. sean_wonder

    Chick Return Program??

    I have an extremely broody chicken,, I take her off the nest every time I see her, put ice packs under her, all of that, but she's half Silkie, and refuses to break. I wasn't sure where to put this thread, so I'm just plopping it here. Is there any way I could go to my local tractor supply, grab...
  9. sean_wonder

    Weird Stuff in Poop??

    What the heck are these weird white dots (not the urates) in the poop?? This poop is not fresh but not totally dried either. I don’t see it in the dried poops but I do see it in another fresh ish poop. We have a lot of flies and mosquitoes, and it’s a very wet and hot summer right now, so is...
  10. sean_wonder

    Go to Bed Empty

    My chickens always go to bed with empty or barely full crops. They’re healthy as can be and poops are normal. When they were younger they used to stuff their crops up but now that their older they free range pretty much all the time but I rarely see their crops full. If I grab one of their crops...
  11. sean_wonder

    help: cockerel??

    think this pullet is actually a cockerel. only 2 months old. top of the pecking order but sweet as can be towards people.
  12. sean_wonder

    chicken ate her feathers???

    my chicken stretched and a couple feathers fell out and then she looked down and she ate them both before i could grab em and i’ve never had chickens before but i don’t think it’s safe for them to eat feathers??? what do i do?!! also a lot of my chickens have been dropping feathers lately...
  13. sean_wonder

    chickens panting

    my chickens pant when we hold them, even when it’s not at all hot or inside. we don’t hold them down or force them anywhere, and they’ve been held daily since they were a day old. currently i have a chicken on my chest (no hands, she’s free to roam) looking as though panting with no sound...
  14. sean_wonder

    Throwing the Gals Outside

    Howdy y'all! I know that technically you're supposed to be safe and kick the gals out of their brooder slowly starting at five weeks old, but... I can't have them inside any longer. So much noise and dust... and they definitely need more room but I've given them all I've got. So I'm throwing...
  15. sean_wonder

    The Fraggles

    Welcome to my very first flock, ladies and gents! On the twenty-second of March, 2019, my family presented me with a cake box from our favorite bakery. Though I had asked for them to make a cake at home this year (which they did nonetheless), they told me 'this cake was just too cute not to...
  16. sean_wonder

    "I'm A Real Bird!!"

    Ever since growing in their wings, my chicks have been flapping and fluttering around as much and as often as possible. I'm absolutely positive in their little brains they believe they're real, flying birds. Either way, I almost had an incident in which Goose, one of the chicks, flew out of the...
  17. sean_wonder


    Having the brooder in your room is all fun and games until the week old weirdos decide that 12am is a perfectly acceptable hour for settling the pecking order. :hit I'm so tired ladies, please just let me sleep
  18. sean_wonder

    cuteness but...

    my babies scream at me until i pick them up and/or make a hand cave for them. it's cute, but i just want to make sure it's not a sign of me doing something wrong.
  19. sean_wonder

    So I Got Chicks

    At long last! I was gifted eight chicks of my own just yesterday. Life is so perfect but that is all for a later post when my worries are soothed. I was carrying one of my cuddliest chicks around as one does, when she fell to the tile floor of my kitchen. I am 5’8” and she fell from about my...
  20. sean_wonder

    Easter Egger Personalities

    I've heard many a tale of flighty EEs. Some were plain mean, and some weren't so keen on being touched no matter what. Now, as a person who's first flock will be entirely pets, I'd really enjoy a group of ladies who are friendly and allow me to handle them on occasion. I respect I can't force...
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