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  1. Gail Laubenthal

    Eye Infection

    This week one of my Cochins had a creamy hard mass in the corner of her eye. I flushed it out and pulled the mass out. Now her eye is puffy and the lid is closed, so I'm assuming it's an infection. What should I do?
  2. Gail Laubenthal

    Chick Grit Tragedy

    I bought 6 black sex-link chicks and after one month moved them into the larger coop brooder. Everything was going fine until I decided to "pour" some chick grit into their feeding area. Instead of sprinkling it around so they could pick it up here and there, I poured a PILE of it next to their...
  3. Gail Laubenthal

    Is this chicken sick?

    One of my 24 week old BO's looks like it has been secreting something on it feathers. I've noticed it for a couple of weeks, but never thought much about it. Today, I took a closer look and didn't find anything crawling around on her, but matted top and down feathers. I decided to give her a...
  4. Gail Laubenthal

    Grouping young pullets with laying hens

    I recently joined my 3-4 month old pullets with my older laying hens. I have been using TSC feed and was wondering how I meet the needs of both groups. It was easy feeding them when in their own coop but now that they are together, will it harm the pullets if they are getting laying feed or will...
  5. Gail Laubenthal

    Clipping Wings - Yes or No?

    I have 40 young chicks ready to join a small flock of hens and am wondering about clipping their wings before I do it. They have been kept in large brooder areas so they have never been able to free range or mingle with the older girls. Should I clip their wings? If yes, one or two wings? I do...
  6. Gail Laubenthal

    Quality Chicken Wire, hardware cloth, and tarp questions

    We are building a half-hoop coop and plan to cover the cattle panel with chicken wire. Somewhere on this forum, I read the name of a better type of What is the brand name, where can I find it? We will be using a smaller mesh around the high up should I...
  7. Gail Laubenthal

    Love My Ladies!

    I have been raising a very small flock of hens for the past 3 years. I started with 6, then moved to 12, then to 18 and now have 50 (mostly hens). I love to incubate eggs each spring so my young grandchildren can begin to understand the cycles of life. This year I hatched 17 new chicks that were...
  8. Gail Laubenthal

    New Half-hoop Coop Build

    This thread will document the process of building a new all weather coop for my 50 hens. We live in central TX so typical weather temps range from 100+ in summer to 30ish in winter with occasional ice/snow but rare if at all. After watching lots of hoop coop videos and sharing posts from BYC...
  9. Gail Laubenthal

    Rooster Genetics Question

    This is my Easter Egger Roo and I incubated 19 eggs this spring. My hens are a mixed group of gals, some are blue layers, some green, some tan, some dark brown, and some white. Most of the chicks have gray legs like the Roo. I was wondering if there is any way to determine what color the eggs of...
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