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  1. KikiDeAnime

    Wish me luck and send prayers my way!

    I have 2 interviews this week and I'm excited! The first one will be on Sunday at 4:30pm for Burgerville and the second one will be on Monday at 5pm for Laser Blasters(Laser tag). I'm kind of hoping to get the position at Burgerville as I can just walk over but I'm still hopeful for either one...
  2. KikiDeAnime

    Does he see him as a threat?

    Around 4:30 AM today, my dad had to put the no crow collar back on Spotted Elk as we had taken it off while he was inside due to the fact that he doesn't crow inside the house. Anyway, he let out a bunch of noise and fought against him. I had gotten woken up by the noise because I thought one of...
  3. KikiDeAnime

    How do I know if it's hatch-able?

    I found a small brown egg in the corner of our coop and when using my phone's flashlight, it looked weird inside. I'm not completely sure how old it is but I do know it's a pullet's first egg due to the fact that all our hens already started laying weeks ago. I'm currently trying to find one of...
  4. KikiDeAnime

    Logitech Webcam

    I have this Logitech c270 HD webcam for sale as I need money to pay back a friend. $15 + Free shipping
  5. KikiDeAnime

    Cockerel keeps bringing me food.. what do I do to correct this?

    Our 9 month old cockerel named Spotted Elk has begun to bring me food whenever I'm out with them. I'm not too happy about his behavior because he's been getting in my personal space and I don't approve of that due to the fact that he may become aggressive if he gets too comfortable around me...
  6. KikiDeAnime

    Why is she quacking so much??

    Duchess has been quacking more than usual lately. I first thought she was quacking at Colonel since they're separated by a fence(due to him mounting her) but I kept seeing her do it when she was out free ranging with the chickens. She's been mostly doing it in the afternoon and evening but it's...
  7. KikiDeAnime

    Getting ducklings in March

    Just found out when the feed store will have ducklings. I just haven't figured out which color I'm getting of Runner ducklings. On their schedule, it says that Blue Runners will be coming on 3/4 which means they'll be coming in 4 days before my birthday. The Fawn & White Runners will be coming...
  8. KikiDeAnime

    No Eggs Yet??

    Duchess hasn't started laying yet and I'm a bit concerned. She's 10 months old now. I recently separated her from our drake as he had started up on mounting her everyday. Ever since our chickens started laying, I've been keeping them and Duchess locked up in their yard to prevent her from laying...
  9. KikiDeAnime

    8-9 Months Old Bantam Polish Pullet

    This is a very hard decision for me to make but I must let this little lady go. She's currently at the bottom of the pecking order and her head feathers have suffered badly from all the pecking so she needs to find a better home. I've tried all that I can to help her but nothing has worked...
  10. KikiDeAnime

    His new odd behavior

    So this will probably make a few of you laugh and that's fine because I laughed when it kept happening. Our 8 month old cockerel keeps displaying this new odd behavior since Thursday and I'm a little confused but do think it's funny. What he does: He'll go do the dance thing they do towards the...
  11. KikiDeAnime

    Possibly close to laying???

    Yesterday while I was out with the flock, I noticed that not only was our mother hen jumping into the coop to inspect it but one of our black hens was. I'm still not sure which of the 4 black hens it was because we have 2 black Sex Links(hens), 1 black Olive Egger(hen), and 1 black...
  12. KikiDeAnime

    What is wrong with him??

    Note: The cage is only temporary! Please do NOT bash me about him being in a cage. Our 8 month old cockerel finally crowed yesterday but it was pathetic and quiet. Nobody else who heard it realized it was a crow because of how it sounded. I was the only one who recognized it. He's currently...
  13. KikiDeAnime

    He's ignoring her "affections"...???

    So I should have posted this when it started but I didn't think much of it and it's probably nothing. Colonel has been ignoring Duchess' "affections" while they're free ranging or when they're locked up in the yard. Duchess has been doing weird things, which I assume are normal, towards him...
  14. KikiDeAnime

    Advice needed

    I plan on getting a pet bird next year. I've done a lot of research but I am still researching and will probably never stop researching even after I get a bird. This is so I can have a lot of knowledge about owning a pet bird. The advice I need involves my cat. Since I've basically raised Nyx...
  15. KikiDeAnime

    Chickens, ducks, and snow oh my!

    Ignore where I fed them, I wanted a good video of them with the snow. They normally eat in their yard but it would have been too dark to see even if the light on my phone. My time zone is PST in case anyone wants to know what time it is for me.
  16. KikiDeAnime

    Chicks I'm getting

    Our local feed store has recently posted the list for breeds they're going to be selling this year. I'm really excited because I'll be getting more breeds this year than last year. Breeds I'll be getting: -Crested Polish -All color varieties of Sex Links -Olive Eggers -Barred Rocks -Silkies...
  17. KikiDeAnime

    Recommended live wifi game cam for coop

    As the title states, I want recommendations for live wifi game cams that I can put inside and outside on the coop. Not only will I use it for checking on the flock but I plan on live streaming it on youtube. Needs to be able to connect to computer or phone, have night vision, and actually be...
  18. KikiDeAnime

    Thankful for our neighbors!/Dogs escaped

    Please don't bash us for our dogs escaping. They're normally watched closely in the backyard due to the chickens free ranging but today my dad had to use the bathroom himself so he left him out there alone for 4-5 minutes. Had I known they all were out there, I would have watched them but I...
  19. KikiDeAnime

    4 AM: A problem or totally normal?

    Ever since Saturday, our hens have been waking me up at 4am every day to get food. I know it isn't because of a predator because the motion light on their coop isn't on when I get up to go out there and plus their yard is shut. Another thing, our dogs would be alerting us to predators if there...
  20. KikiDeAnime

    My Flock

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