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  1. BlackHackle

    Famous Hatchery 'Pure Bred' Appearances

    In this forum I am going to run through all the appearances of famous breeds sold as pure breds at hatcheries and compare them to what they actually should look like if they were bred to the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection. I feel google and hatcheries aren't showing us all...
  2. BlackHackle

    Controlling Plymouth Rocks

    On this property, Plymouth Rocks need to be kept under control. We just can't seem to decide which one to improve on and focus on. I'm gonna run through the rocks that are available for us to keep with pictures and see the highest vote. Please vote according to the quality of the birds pictured...
  3. BlackHackle

    Are Roosters More Prone to Disease than Hens?

    Hi, I've noticed an issue that reappears in each and every import I get; I always loose all the roosters a month after they arrive on the property to some unknown disease and have never lost any hens in all the attempts. - 4 years ago I imported a Partridge Rock trio, lost the rooster 2 weeks...
  4. BlackHackle

    The Weekly Poultry Picture Challenge #1

    Challenge One – Standing Proud This is it, we are now ready to receive the entries for this week's challenge. This is the opening challenge! Details: This week brings a challenge where photographers are now asked to take the most clearest and most manifesting picture of a proud looking...
  5. BlackHackle

    Poultry Illustrator

    (Please read the whole post lol) Hello World, you are about to be graced with the presence of one of the finest artists of all times. This master of the arts has graced the walls of many high-end homes and his paintings can be found wherever there is luxury and loads of money. His name...
  6. BlackHackle

    Vermilion Fair 2018 Poultry Show Results

    Hey, I was at the Vermilion Fair over the weekend and thought I'd share the results: *CHAMPION OF SHOW* Light Brown Dutch Bantam hen Reserve Champion of Show Silver Duck-wing Old English Game Hen Excuse APA judge Rico's colorful marker marks on the show cards ;)
  7. BlackHackle

    Buff Cornish X?

    Hey, just thought it'd be funny, but most of you know that the broiler (Cornish X) is made by crossing White Plymouth Rock roos with White Cornish (Indian Game) hens. But let's say I took one of my Buff Plymouth Rock roos and crossed him with buff Cornish hens and sold the chicks as meat birds...
  8. BlackHackle

    The Million Dollar Blue Rock Question

    Hey, I was viewing the rock standards in my American Standard of Perfection 44 Edition and saw that Blue Rocks (and all blue poultry for that matter) are supposed to be black laced. I've seen non-black laced blue chickens win show champions. On top of that, I have NEVER seen any Blue bird that...
  9. BlackHackle

    Blue Plymouth he great quality?

    I need all you Plymouth Rock fanciers and breeders to come together and tell me how this guy is turning out. Blue Rocks are very hard to find and I want to be sure this guy is great before I go spend $400+ on getting him flown across the country in the fall. He will be use in my Blue Partridge...
  10. BlackHackle

    Breeder Directory

    Over the years, I've been collecting contacts for show breeders of all sorts of birds. In this thread, I am going to post links to poultry breeders websites that I have found. I will try to list by state/province. If you want a specific breed, you can PM me and I'll do my best to supply...
  11. BlackHackle

    Heartlessly aggressive chickens, what breed?

    Hi everyone! I had bought Russian Orloff chicks to add to my Russian lines and some ended up being these ridiculously heartless chickens. They attack you nonstop. Here is a list of breeds they could be from, but which one is it? Dark Cornish Dark Assils Black Breasted Red Malay Shamos
  12. BlackHackle

    BlackHackle's Light Sussex

    Hi, for all you who don't know me, I am Black Hackle. Yea, I know my profile says that already, but what gives. This thread will include the growing and criticizing of 3 champion-line Light Sussex roosters as they mature and compete with each other for first pick. The poll is to be used to vote...
  13. BlackHackle

    Need Help with Light Sussex Standard

    Hi I received 8 Light Sussex from a mixture of two different lines recently imported from Europe. They are now almost 1 month old. The 3 cockerels are growing the black hackle feathers and so is the one female, but the 4 others have not a lick of black in their hackles. Is this normal for some...
  14. BlackHackle

    Show me What Ya Got!

    Hey all you Ameraucana breeders! I'm looking for your best Ameraucana photos for our Genetic Calculator. I am in desperate need of Blue wheaten, Brown red, Buff, Silver, as well as White hens. Must contain whole body at broadside view including feet. Thank you soo much, JT @BlackHackle
  15. BlackHackle

    Fastest way to stop a broody. Technique needed!!

    Hi. I am showing the best of my Partridge Rocks but she planned to go broody. I don't know if you can show broody hens, so I need a way of stopping it ASAP!!
  16. BlackHackle

    Hello NHR breeders in Washington State...

    I am making a trip to Washington state sometime next month and am wondering if there are any New Hampshire Red owners down there? Would so love to get my hands on a good trio!!! Looking to spend $300 CAD or more on the birds. Just curious....
  17. BlackHackle

    Plymouth Rock Show - Ends July 21, 2018

    Online Plymouth Rock Poultry Show! Rule 1 - Please follow the original BYC rules concerning copyrights etc. Rule 2 - No other breeds Rule 3 - No chickens under 6 months Rule 3 - No 'bad mouthing' other BYCer's entries Judging - I will personally pick 3 finalists from this list and create a new...
  18. BlackHackle

    What color variety are these quails?

    Hi quail owners! Looking to expand my farm into the quail and pheasant categories! Just was out shopping for quails when I came across this advertisement for quail pairs. What color variety is the bluish grey one?
  19. BlackHackle


    All of my European Champion Light Sussex imports survived the flight! They are all smiles and getting used to things!
  20. BlackHackle

    Have you ever thought?

    That your rooster might have a music career? Signs of this might be from his extreme love for practicing the crowing part all the time. LOL! Here is a very funny comic I wrote up over the weekend about a rooster whose family is afraid that the sun might be messing his career.
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