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  1. math ace

    Sunshine Poultry Classic - looking for chicks that are 1 to 10 days old TODAY

    I've got a LONELY chick and it needs a couple of buddies. I will be attending the Sunshine Poultry Classic in Lake City on January 5th. Will anyone be bringing chicks that are 0 to 10 days old TODAY, December 27? That means that I am looking for chicks 1 - 3 weeks old on January 5
  2. math ace

    Eye loss - what is the natural process?

    I have a chicken with an eye issue. It is not a disease. I think it is the result of an eye injury. I have had her in isolation and on oral antibiotics (Erythromycin) for a week. I have been applying terramycin ointment 2 x a day to her eye. I am not seeing any change in her status. She eats...
  3. math ace

    Tea Time.... Relax with us and have a cup of hot tea!

    Greetings Everyone I have just discovered the joys of hot tea. Previously, my only experience with hot tea was in Chinese Restruants. A few weeks ago, I treated my daughter to a mother / daughter outing at a "Tea Room"... Now, I am hooked... I have checked out tea reviews and started...
  4. math ace

    Photos won't upload

    The last few times that I have tried to upload photos to BYC, the web site has locked up on me. I save all my pics in a 640 x 480 size format. I click on the snap shot icon, browse and select my photo, then try to upload it... The computer says loading 1 of 1... The bar shows complete, but...
  5. math ace

    Genesis 1588 Toggle switch model - NEED HELP with adjusting temps

    I have an older model 1588 Genesis Hovabator. I need to lower the factory setting temps slightly. I've printed the pdf file from GQF MFG and have tried for 2 days to adjust the temps. I am ready to SCREAM. Can any one advise? I need to lower the temps 1 degree. I toggled all switches...
  6. math ace

    Do you Coupon?

    I started couponing about 6 months ago. Since then, I have ran into resistance with my friends. Some declare that the 1/2 price sales at Publix or Winn Dixie are good enough for them. I have converted a few folks. They see the work that goes into couponing, but are more impressed when I...
  7. math ace

    Buff leghorns - 13 weeks old JACKSONVILLE, FL

    13 week old buff leghorn cockerels from Tom Roebuck at Golden Feather Farm. I ordered eggs from him this Spring. I am keeping a trio for myself, but want to sell the extras. I have two cockerels to select from... LOCAL PICK-UP only. PM me if you are interested. They are $5 each. I do...
  8. math ace

    Merging groups of chicks

    I have a hen that went broody at the same time I was filling my incubator with hatching eggs. She hatched 5 chicks and my incubator hatched 19 chicks. The chicks are now 3 weeks old..... Here is the issue, I don't want to move the hen back with the old flock. I want her to stay with her...
  9. math ace

    EYES - How many do you have?

    My daughter is a crafty soul. She has requested some peacock eyes for her next project. Being the SUPER Mom that I am, I am on a mission to fulfill her request. I love my daughter dearly, but I have my limits. NO WAY am I adding pea fowl to my collection of birds.. So, those living in...
  10. math ace

    Buff Leghorn chick color question....

    A couple of weeks ago I had a really good hatch of buff leghorn chicks. They were shipped eggs and the chicks are my first experience with Buff's. Within the first week, I noticed that about 1/2 are exhibiting darker colors in the emerging wing feathers. The other half of the hatch are...
  11. math ace

    Pot Belly Pigs - valbrazen worming

    I have a couple of pot belly pigs that I usually worm twice a year. I was wondering if it is OK to worm pot belly pigs with Valbrazen. I currently worm with a horse paste that the pigs hate the taste of. I would like to try the Valbrazen out on them if it is safe for them. I was...
  12. math ace

    MELINDA BROACH - Contact information

    Do you know how to contact Melinda Broach? She was an exhibitor at the Jan 2012 Lake City, Fl chicken show. I have an email address, but I have received no response. She is out of Franklin Ga. Feel free to PM me if you want to keep the information private.
  13. math ace

    NURSING HOME / Assisted living facilities in Duval or Nassau counties

    If you can recommend a nursing home or assisted living facility in Duval or Nassau county FLORIDA - - - Please, either PM me or post it. ALSO, if you know of one that is absolutely horrid and should be avoided at all cost - - - PLEASE PM me. I need the information as quick as you can give...
  14. math ace

    defective beak . . .

    I just noticed why my little OE pullet is ALWAYS eating and ALWAYS seems to have food hanging out of her mouth. There is something WRONG with her beak. . . It does not look like a scissor beak. The beaks are NOT misaligned left to right. . . . The beak looks more like the top and bottom...
  15. math ace


    For those of you who are starting to plant . .. . Ace Hardware ( at least my local one) is selling package seeds at a Buy 1 get 1 Free rate. . . . . I ended up getting some package seeds, but their bulk rate prices are normally still cheaper than the B 1 G 1 prices If you see a DEAL...
  16. math ace

    delaware x speckled sussex = ? ? ?

    What would happen if I crossed a delaware hen with very little markings to a speckled sussex roo ? ? Would I get a sex link - - - like a comet? Would the hens lay big eggs like a delaware or smaller eggs like a speckled sussex ?
  17. math ace

    FREE 1 month old large fowl (8) cockerels

    I am in the Jacksonville Florida area. I have 8 Large fowl 1 month old cockerels that I want to GIVE AWAY. I will not ship. PM me if you want them. Do Not Bid - - - Just PM me. They are HEALTHY. I hatched them myself and hatched almost exclusively males. These are FREE!
  18. math ace

    Dogs pee . . .. Do chickens poop?

    So, dogs use urination as a means of marking their territory. Do chickens poop as a means of marking their territory ? ? ? ? I ask this question SERIOUSLY Because I have a bird that we are having to administer antibotics to twice a day. EVERY TIME we take him out of the kennel to medicate...
  19. math ace

    HOW do you catch an egg eater ? ? ??

    One of my hens has become an egg eater. She seems to have a preference for my white leghorn eggs. I want to identify who has turned naughty - - -VERY NAUGHTY! Any suggestions on how to do this? ? ? I separated 2 of the hens out of the flock today. I thought they might be one of the...
  20. math ace

    Jan 1 - Start new year with new eggs in incubator?

    I celebrated the new year at 12:00 and by 1:00 a.m. I was setting a Brand New Set of eggs in the incubator . .. . Did Anyone else set eggs today - - Jan 1, 2011 - - the 1st day of the New Year ? ?
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