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  1. saellis

    Raspberry question

    Last year I planted some raspberries. They grew well and even produced a few raspberries last summer. Now they are coming up out of the ground but I had expected the branches from last years' growth to be where the leaves would grow this year. Was I supposed to cut down last years' branches...
  2. saellis

    Close call with pop door slamming shut.

    I nearly crushed a chicken today when the cord which raises the pop door snapped and dropped the door suddenly. Luckily it slammed shut between chickens and nobody got hurt. Gotta inspect this regularly.
  3. saellis

    Chickens acting scared at dusk.

    I've noticed that my normally friendly Australorp hens act like they're afraid of me when I close up the coop for the night. They all pile into a corner and the most timid bird tries to hide under the others. In the morning they are back to their normal selves. Just wondering if this might be...
  4. saellis

    And so it begins...

    I've had my chickens out in their newly finished coop for just over a week now and yesterday two black labradors got into my backyard while I was at work. My wife chased them out and no harm was done but I could see lots of big pawprints all around the coop. I never had problems with dogs...
  5. saellis

    Eight-week-olds first night in the coop

    I put my 8 week old Australorps out in the coop yesterday and they seemed to weather the first night quite well in spite of the temp getting down to 27°F. I set up the IR lamps to create a warm spot--it's maintaining 52°F although it's still only 28° outside. I expected them to huddle under...
  6. saellis

    Limping 6-week-old chick. Bruised leg maybe?

    I noticed one of my chicks was limping last night. I checked her out and could find no obvious injury and she didn't complain or try to flee when I touched her legs but she continued to limp when I let her walk around again. This morning all chicks seem to be moving around normally. I...
  7. saellis

    The start of feather picking?

    One of my 4-week-old Australorp chicks just got into a scuffle with one of her 5 sisters. She managed to pick out a wing feather and was prancing around the brooder with her new trophy. I got the feather away from her quickly because I did not want her to fancy it so much that she would want...
  8. saellis

    Chick Sounds

    Ok chicken veterans, When do chick sounds change from "Peep peep" to "Bok bok?" Mine are only 2.5 weeks old.
  9. saellis

    Chick growth spurts

    My chicks seem to have had a big growth spurt today while I was at work. They seem significantly larger and are sporting new feathers. They seemed to change little in the previous 3 days. Anybody else notice something like this or do your birds' growth and development seem be steady?
  10. saellis

    Chicks outgrowing brooder cage

    I have six one-week-old Australorp chicks in a plastic bin for a brooder cage that they will soon outgrow. I bought a second bin with plans to keep three birds in each but now I'm worried that I'm creating two separate flocks that will not integrate well once they are in the coop. Is this a...
  11. saellis

    Just getting started

    Hello, I'm new to the backyard chicken scene. Right now just doing a lot of research before raising chicks in the Spring.
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