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    Getting ready for snow...advise please

    Here is our coop. My husband and I built it and have 4 pullets about 12 weeks old (ISA brown, black Asian, California white, barred rock). I am thinking of getting plexiglass sheets (3) to cover three sides of the run. The fourth side that as the open doors will not be covered. We would use the...
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    When can I clip wings?

    Our 4 backyard chickens are about 8 weeks old. Their wings will need to be clipped to help them stay safely in our yard. I want them to free range some while I can watch them. What age can I clip them? I think they’re anxious to explore peck the grass!
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    Gender help please

    We have 4 chickens, they’re about 7 weeks old. They should be a California White, ISA Brown, Barred Rock, and Black Asian. (If you think they are another breed, please say...we are first time chicken owners and are just going by what Tractor Supply said they were). They also said they should be...
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    What to put on small 4x5 raised coop floor?

    We are almost finished with our coop and trying to decide on what to put on the floor. The coop is raised, with a run underneath. There will be a pop door on the floor of the coop to access the run below, and it will always be open. We have 3/4” plywood down now, going to put a layer of vinyl...
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    Has anyone built the Anna White planter coop?

    Curious if anyone has/is building the Anna White planter coop design. Share pics if so, would love to see! Thanks!
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    When to put chicks in the coop?

    First time chick owner here...We have four, about 4 weeks old. Their coop is almost done. When do they transfer out of here into their coop? Can they stay here until then? I don’t want them to be too crowded, but curious if chicks do ok with this set up until the coop? Thanks!
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    Where to put roost bar and windows...

    I know the roost bar needs to be above the egg box, however does it need to clear the top of the egg box? Going to put a window covered in hardware cloth below the vents but don’t want it to be at a level to be too breezy with the roosting chickens...suggestions on how far up to put the roost...
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    Female Black Asian?

    We’re hoping this is a female Black Asian...thoughts? About 3 weeks old...
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    Which vent?

    Here is a pic of the side of our chicken coop cutout. I want to make sure we have the proper ventilation before we put the rest together. The circle is an 8” soffit vent. The square is a 10” gable vent. We are going to put a window below whatever vent we choose, covered in hardware cloth that...
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    Caulk coop?

    Hi! We are building our coop this weekend, its just a small 5x5 coop to go in our small backyard. Wondering if we should caulk any seams? I’m thinking no, because the chickens could peck on it. The bottom of the coop will have a small hole for the chickens to enter up into the coop from the run...
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    New chicken my coop ok for winter?

    Hi! We have 4 chicks...barred rock, black Asian, ISA Brown, and a California white. They’re approaching 2 weeks old. We never have had chickens before. We purchased a prefabricated coop, got it halfway putt together and decided the quality was junk, and too small. We decided to build a coop...
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    First time chicken owner...Buyers regret on coop. Advise please.

    Hi! This week we purchased 4 pullets (hopefully). We have a small fenced in backyard which we will keep them. Our plan is to have them out in the yard most of the time we are home, and of course put them in the coop at night. We ordered the coop and put it together tonight and I see a couple of...
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    Anyone know what breed or gender these two chicks are?

    Hello All! I am very new to the world of raising chickens. We have started a tiny flock of four chickens this week. We purchased them at Tractor Supply and we asked for one of each: Black Asian, Barred Rock, California White, and ISA Brown. They all should be females according to the sales...
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