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  1. blackandtan

    Caring for a blind bird

    I’m hoping someone somewhere has had the experience of caring for a blind bird, and can offer tips or advice - anything would be welcome! I have all kinds of poultry, including pheasants which I release in the fall. This year I have 50, (there was an ordering accident!), and a few days ago I...
  2. blackandtan

    URGENT!! Broilers not thriving

    After always reading about other folks troubles, it’s finally my turn! I’ve had many batches of chicks over the years and I’ve only rarely lost one when they’re small; I buy from a reputable hatchery, they all arrived seemingly healthy, I have 20 broilers and 6 poults in the brooder, they’re 6...
  3. blackandtan

    Broken Leg

    I just thought I should post my experience because it might save a chicken....I know my neighbour just chops injured chickens! Anyway, if a chicken breaks a leg it doesn't have to be a death sentence; I had this happen once before, though I didn't take pics or anything, and that hen - Pouliette...
  4. blackandtan

    Northern Chick'n Shack

    Finally joined today after months of reading your forums when I have chicken situations! My birds include 2doz white rock x, 11 turks (I Turkeys!) a barred rock roo (who was recently renamed Donald Trump) and a Cayuga duck named Chip (my hawk alarm).
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