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  1. FridayYet

    Cockerel crowing issue

    Rooster question. I've had a small laying hen flock for a few years now and since we moved to an area with some space, I plan on breeding a few Russian Orloffs next year. Having roosters around is really new to me. My RO cockerels are about 5 months now, and the Alpha one crows all.the.time...
  2. FridayYet

    When will they start wanting to eat?

    Hi - My very first batch of chicks hatched yesterday, and I've never had "newborns" before. My other chickens were all several days old, or older, when I got them. They don't seem to be interested in eating or drinking, although they will swallow fine when I dip their beaks. I know their...
  3. FridayYet

    Annoying wrap-around shoe ad

    Most of the ads don't bother me, but when they take over the whole top and sides of the page it is really annoying! Whenever I go to the "getting the flock out of here - a diary of a crazy chicken man" the shoe ads cover everywhere the blue background is on the page - across the top, down both...
  4. FridayYet

    So Cal Legbar Hen needs new home (Inland Empire)

    Hi BYCers, I have a Legbar hen that is picking on my other hens like crazy. She has a loud, bossy personality and needs to go ASAP before all my other chickens are totally bald. (She is friendly and curious with me, doesn't like to be picked up but she will let you if needed.) I think she is...
  5. FridayYet

    New Ads

    What's with the new ads that surround the BYC page on top and sides? They are really annoying, and shrink the size of the work space down. There is already an ad column to the right and a bunch of sponsor links at the bottom. This new wrap-around ad system makes the page look terrible and...
  6. FridayYet

    Ads freezing up my computer!

    Some of the new video ads (the ones that run videos if you accidentally hover over them) are freezing up my computer. I keep getting pop-ups asking if I want to stop running a script on the webpage, and eventually the site freezes. Anyone else having this problem today?
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