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  1. J

    Breed and gender question

    This is “Dorothy” I’m pretty sure she isn’t a she would you agree? Bad year for tractor supply chicks seems 1 out of every 4 sexed pullets I purchased have been males. Though it’s given me the chance now to hatch my own which has been awesome. Also they were sold as Salmon Favorelle I’m...
  2. J

    Roo or hen

    Amber link (hen) and Easter Egger (roo) fell in love and made this lone baby. It’s about 5 weeks now (the big one) any early guesses??
  3. J

    Guesses on sexes

    I know it’s early they are only 5 weeks but any thoughts on my Indian blues?? I want to do one of those kits but I feel bad plucking feathers!
  4. J

    Cats knocked over the incubator!!!

    My peafowl was due to hatch any day now not sure if the cats helped it hatch or if it hatched before they knocked over my incubator. I do see some yolk sac that wasn’t absorbed though is it gonna be okay?!?!?!? I lock the cats out but my kids apparently let two in and didn’t realize while I was...
  5. J

    Pekin boy or girl??

    I’m thinking boyNow but for a while I thought girl but now it looks like a drake feather is starting. Can I have 4 boy ducks with 2 girls or will this be too many??? I was hoping for some females but this year it’s looking like I have all boys.
  6. J

    Day 12 shipped eggs thoughts???

  7. J

    Uh oh my favorite girl I think is a boy....

    I’m starting to think my beloved cookie who was sold as a female is actually a male...
  8. J

    Gender question ducks

    Any ideas on the pekin and harlequin or still too early. If anyone wants to attempt guessing the khakis they weren’t cooperating much for photos.
  9. J

    I have babies!!!

    Due to hatch tomorrow but we have 3 button quail out of their eggs already they are so cute!!
  10. J

    Early lockdown???

    I’m hatching button quail they are scheduled to be on lockdown as of noon Thursday. I could hear peeping last night and they are rocking and rolling this morning. I don’t know if I should lock them down early or what.
  11. J

    Integrating new flock and old

    I have 3 older chickens and 2 ducks and I’m trying to integrate with 4 new ducks and 8 new chicks. No roosters at all in the flock but not sure about duck sexes. I have them in the main coop for the first time and the older ducks are just yelling at me nonstop. Nobody is fighting thankfully. Do...
  12. J

    My chicks are growing Mohawks....

    These were labeled easter eggers at TSC But so far 2 are growing Mohawks any idea if they are something else??
  13. J

    Button quail eggs just arrived!!!

    So excited I’m calling this my first official attempt as last attempt on bobwhite quail I used a junky spaceship incubator and they only sent 2 fertile eggs the other 2 weren’t fertile. So I bought a real incubator and 12 eggs they sent 20 but 4 broke. I’ve heard lots of successful things from...
  14. J

    Hygrometer issues....

    My incubator doesn’t have a humidity gauge so I bought some little ones I can put inside. There was a difference of about 20% between them so I figure okay one is broke... did a salt test they were 73% and 72% okay not broke. So why is one showing such a difference in the incubator??? Right now...
  15. J

    Toilet paper run gone wrong....

    So I went out to get toilet paper this morning as our supply is dwindling for our family of 5. I was getting frustrated at not finding any after 4 stores and accidentally ended up in TSC. We all know how that ends..... 4 Easter eggers and 2 khaki campbells have joined the 4 isas the pekin and...
  16. J

    Who was my mother lol....

    What kinda duckies did we grab from the random tsc bin. I am thinking maybe pekin and welsh but I have no idea. The one is so teeny and the other is huge and such a mess maker.
  17. J

    Anyone hatching quail?

    I’ve never hatched anything but got an offer for a cheap incubator and eggs for $20 so I said sure why not. I’m not holding my breath as it’s literally a plastic bowl with a lid, a lightbulb and aluminum foil.... but figure if we get something great if not it was a learning experience. We...
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