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    Can egg color vary day-to-day?

    Hi everyone! I have an egg mystery I’d love your advice on! We finally got our first eggs this past week (yay!) and I am pretty sure it’s our olive egger laying the eggs as she’s the only one that we’ve noticed going in the nesting boxes. It looks like she’s not a green egg layer (which I know...
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    Worms in stool?

    Hi everyone! I am new to raising chickens and have my first health question for y’all! I have a flock of six chickens around 13-20 weeks, and today I noticed one of their stools looked like it could either have worms or be shedding it’s intestinal lining. The chickens seem to otherwise be in...
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    9 week Easter Egger - pullet disguised as a roo?

    Hi friends! I have been working through a tough situation and would love your advice. We have a 9 week EE “pullet” that I’m convinced is a roo (and everyone I show him to agrees!). He’s got a pronounced pea comb, the red splotched shoulders, long tail feathers, and the brave/assertive...
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    Have two chicks to integrate w flock soon but one may be a roo

    Hello everyone! I asked this on the “guess what gender” thread that I started for my suspected roo Easter egger chick but I thought my follow-up question warrants it’s own thread here. So I have a 6-week Easter Egger that I’m 99% sure is going to end up being a rooster (comb reddening, red...
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    4-week EE developing comb early

    Hello again! I have a soon-to-be four week old Easter Egger whose comb has started to rapidly develop. She’s definitely a bit more fiesty than her salmon faverolle roommate too. I believe she has a pea comb, and I am seeing three clear rows that are already starting to pink, which I’ve read are...
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    3-week old salmon faverolle - any guesses?

    I always love posting on this thread about gender guesses so I’ve got another one for y’all! I have a three week salmon faverolle pullet from Cackle Hatchery whose feathers are growing in a medium reddish brown. I’ve heard that salmon faverolle hatchery chicks can run the gambit with coloring so...
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    10 week barred rock turning out to be a pullet?

    Hi everyone! I have a barred rock that we were convinced was a boy at around 5 weeks old because her comb had turned red early but now that she’s 10 weeks, I am thinking she’s a hen! Thoughts!?
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    4 Week Barred Rock - Gender Guesses

    Hello! I have a wonderful four week old BR who has become the lead hen of our little flock. She’s definitely fiesty and tries to keep the chicks in line but she’s also incredibly sweet to us humans. As she’s growing, I am noticing that her comb is a bit pronounced and pink already as compared to...
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    Raising chicks that are three weeks apart

    Hi everyone! I’m new around here and have been attempting to raise my first flock of chicks for the past four weeks. It’s been a whirlwind of a ride, and I am learning a ton each day about these little creatures! My newest challenge is trying to raise some chicks with a bit of an age difference...
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    What breeds are these two young pullets

    Hello! We might be taking on a couple chicks from a friend, and I am trying to figure out what breed the two chicks are. Any idea what the white chick with the black feathering on their head or the darker brown chick in this photo are (marked #1 and #2)? I’m sorry the photo is pretty bad quality...
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    Two week old Wyandotte a roo?

    Hello! I am raising my first set of chicks and am starting to suspect that I have a little roo in the bunch. She’s supposed to be a two week old GL Wyandotte and was the same size as the other three chicks when I got her but she’s now clearly much bigger than the rest, has thicker legs and...
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    Wyandotte or Olive egger?

    Hello! I’m new here and am also new to the world of raising chickens. We just got our first six chicks and they are all doing amazing but there are two that I cannot tell apart! One is supposed to be an Olive egger and the other a black Wyandotte. Any ideas on how to tell which is which at this...
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