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    Watery/mucusy poop

    Hello, First time chicken owner here. My 11 week old pullet has had a lot of watery/loose poops with some clear mucus in them the past week. She has a normal poop on occasion but most of them are straight liquid with a little normal poop mixed in. She’s had quite a bit of diarrhea the week...
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    Should I be worried?

    Hello, I’m new to the world of chickens. Long story short, an injured chick showed up on my lawn and she’s now a (hopefully temporary) house chicken. I’ve never owned a chicken before so I don’t know what’s typical behavior, but a couple things she started doing caught my attention and I don’t...
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    Found a chick

    Hello! This little chicken wandered into my yard the other day. I have zero chicken experience. Can someone tell me what kind of chicken this is, approximate age and if it’s a male or female? TIA!
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