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    Please help. Immediately!

    I found one of my hens chick's just outside without mama. I know enough about chicks to tell that was way too cold. It's been under the heat lamp for bout 2. It keeps craning its neck over it's back and to can't keep it's eyes open. Despite my effort's it won't settle and sleep under the heat...
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    Broddy hen

    My hen has started her second batch of eggs, her first clutch all died before hatching, (she made a poor nesting choice outside the coop) and this is her first time trying again, she is the lowest on the pecking order and my other hens like to remind her of it, this nest is in the coop with the...
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    Eggs troubles

    Hi! This is my first time hatching eggs. I have a brooding hen that has one chick already hatched out. The issue is none of the other eggs are so far. It's only been a day and a half, since the first chick came out and I dont see any eggs piping so, do I need to just wait and see?
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