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    7 Week old BR, Roo or Pullet :)

    My Barred Rock is now 7 weeks old, do you think it’s a Roo or Pullet. We named it Oreo just in case bc it was our only straight run out of 6 :)
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    New Chick Momma :)

    Hi everyone! I am new to the chick world. I got 4 Chicks to start.... 1. Golden Coment - Mellow Yellow (Pullet) 2. Rhode Island Red - Ginger (Pullet) 3. Barred Rock - Oreo (Straight Run) still trying to figure out sex! 4. California White - Angel (Pullet) I look forward to learning lots about...
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    I’m a new chick Mom! Is this BR a boy or girl?!

    Hi, I just got 4 chicks and what a joy they have been. I really wanted 2 barred rock chicks but was afraid because they were straight run and didn’t want to end up with two Roos. What are your thoughts on this cutie?! Boy or Girl?! I tried to take different angles. I think it’s between 2-3 weeks...
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