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    Mixing hen groups in new cage

    So currently I have 3 hens in a cage directly on the ground, but as I see how the soil deteriorates, and given that I have only 2 positions for it to rotate, I am seriously thinking in getting them a more typical wired based cage (sad for them though). My question would be - if I were to do...
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    Rice with weevil bugs - Good protein source?

    So I found a bag of rice completely infested with rice weevils. Stated picking up several of them, put them in a plate and served them to my quails. They absolutely went nuts and finished them in matter of minutes. Has anyone else done this? I now feel tempted to always keep an aitight...
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    Quails stopped laying

    So 5 days ago I got 3 45-day old female quails from a quail egg farm. The move is an upgrade - from an overcrowded cage, to a spacious on the ground space, with dust bath included. The first couple of days I got a couple of eegs daily, then just one, and the last couple of days I got zero. They...
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    Raising quail on the ground

    Hey guys, So I just acquired 3 female quails (45 days old), and have built them a cage to be on the ground (see picture attached). I really want to make it work on the ground, and that means it has to be both sustainable for me (cleaning) and the birds (health), so looking for advice from...
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    Getting quails for eggs - how old should they be?

    Hello everyone, I am looking at getting 2-3 quails as a project with my kid at home. The idea is to have fun and get some eggs as well. There are some farms outside the city - how old should the quails the I buy be? Yoo young and they might be too vulnerable, too old and they might not adapt...
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