1. justusnak

    Winter, fall, winter, spring, winter??

    ...be some more work done there, new construction. For now I have branches in the middle of the runs, holding the ice covered netting up....and the chickens are all in lockdown! And to think, I was wanting WINTER to come! HA! I can handle the snow....this ice is getting the better part of my...
  2. tatswell

    Grass for the winter? Winterizing?

    I live in the Northeast- which of course means snow, and soon! I am moving my duck run from the grass to under my deck for the winter. The ground under my deck is brick patio and when attempting to tuck my ducks in last night they seemed awfully upset that there was no grass. Do you suppose...
  3. J99


    ok so besides what chickens need , what do I need to do or know about my ducks in the winter? My two runs will have snow in them since it has only fence roofs I will wrap my coop some leaving ventilation, put more shavings inside and maybe hay in their sleeping boxes Is that ok? Will their...
  4. R


    ...the water in the coop. I don't know how to let them out and keep them warm at the same time. The coop is usaly the temp outside inside last winter my rooster lost the tips of his comb and the others had other frostbite damage. I want atleast let them out in the little pen under the coop. Im...
  5. E


    Hey guys so winters starting over here so its gonna be raining. I have my roosters in cages. What can i cover the cages with besides a tarp?
  6. Cherrywood


    This is the my first winter with two turkeys. I am wondering what you guys do to help ensure they are healthy and happy through the winter time??
  7. silverlaced44


    Hi! I have 1 male Serama, and I read that they are sensitive to the cold, I was knitting him a sweater, would that work? I have no way to get electricity up there, what other things can I do?
  8. mmclaughlin


    It's my 1st winter with polish.. I have 2 that turned out to be bantam(I think as they are small 1lb-1-1/2lb at 6 months) are there any suggestions as to any special care for a new england winter that's fast approaching??? they are sweet girls..w/ 1 that seems to get her crest wet alot in the...
  9. amandawv


    This will be my first winter with my girls. I hear we are going to have a worst winter than last winter (east coast). How do you guys keep them warm and snug? This is my coop now:
  10. Easter eggers


    Can my hens roost outside when it snows if it will be 35 degrees and they have a roof over them to protect them from the snow?
  11. Kerrie Ann


    What are any ones thoughts on this subject - to light or not to light that is the question? I live in the eastern part of Ma will my chickens be ok with out a heat lamp? I have golden comments. Also what do you do about the water?
  12. Mikee1948


    I've read some posts on winterizing the coop and run. I placed two small roof type vents in my coop to aid ventilation in the warm weather. They are about 3 by 10 inches. Would you reccomend sealing them with plastic for the winter? Also, how much snow will they stand in, literally? My run is...
  13. Greg Richardson

    And then it is Winter.

    ...went. I know that I lived them all... And I have glimpses of how it was back then and of all my hopes and dreams... But, here it is..the winter of my life and it catches me by surprise... How did I get here so fast? Where did the years go and where did my youth go? I remember well...
  14. Soonerguy33


    Do i need to do any thing special to winterize my coop? heat, etc? all info is greatly appreciated
  15. Fancy Feather Poultry


    So I have about 11 chickens and Fall/Winter is coming and fall will probaly be around 55-40 degrees, Can someone throw me a bone and show me something I can buy online thats cheap and pre-made and can house all my chickens comfortable for the winter. And when I say cheap I mean like 100-200$.
  16. hoggja


    I am a little confused. This will be my first winter with my chickens. If I have a manual coop door that leads into their safe run, do I leave this door open during the day in the winter? Will it be too drafty? Should I close it up so they stay warmer but trapped inside? I am in Ontario and it...
  17. A


    It’s starting to get cold here! How do I keep my ducks warm in the winter? What temperature should i bring them all indoors? maybe 50°F? Any warm foods I can make them or foods that will help them stay warm? It gets super cold here in the winter and everything freezes
  18. chickenwoman1405


    What do you guys do with your coop and chickens during winter any tips so I can be ready thanks :)
  19. sydneygirl89


    So it's getting colder outside at night nowadays. Im not sure if my chickens will be warm enough! I have three, one ameracauna( Miley), one aracauna(Glenn), and one cochin(jenni). They have a mainly wood coop,(it's half fence, half house) and it has a chicken wire front with a dog gate thing for...
  20. newducklady11


    ...I use more hay they just poop a bunch and mat it down. Should I put blankets against their coop to try to insulate it? Any other ideas on how to keep their coop dry?? Thanks!! I have two ducks that are around 7 months. First cold weather/winter. Do I still let them go in their pool? I'm...
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