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  1. Hawaii Chicks

    Which hatchery?

    In my case, I do confirm that they ship to Hawaii, the costs of shipping and any question y may have about the breeds I’m looking for. For example: egg production, egg size, egg color, etc.
  2. Hawaii Chicks

    Opinions on Ideal Poultry Hatchery?

    Did your Marans lay dark brown?
  3. Hawaii Chicks

    Ideal Hatchery Assorted Chick

    Pullets 50/50 cockerels. Not bad! I never order straight run, I’m afraid about getting too much roosters
  4. Hawaii Chicks

    Which hatchery?

    There’s only few hatcheries or breeders that ship to Hawaii. I first order from Meyers. In my first batch they had hatching problems with the lavender orps. I had to sub for other breed, Plus it was around $50 just for shipping. I got credit for the birds, so I had to order again and pay a new...
  5. Hawaii Chicks


    Thank you! I guess I’ll have to wait to see what they trow!
  6. Hawaii Chicks


    Thank you! I have some jubilee, black, lavender, buff and red cuckoo. I’d like to try new colors ‍♂️ There’s no many options available in Hawaii or to import over. I guess I’ll get some white hens to breed worth my roosters and see what the offspring looks like
  7. Hawaii Chicks


    Does anybody know if white Orpingtons are dominant white?
  8. Hawaii Chicks

    Sex-linked chickens

    Thank you!! I’m already reading... very interesting!
  9. Hawaii Chicks

    Sex-linked chickens

    Hello! I have red sexlink that I found in the street. She’s the best layer! I don’t know her age but I guess she’s close to 3 years now. I have a question... Does anybody have a white egg layer sexlink? There’s many ways to produce sexlinks, but all the ones I know lay brown eggs. I’m...
  10. Hawaii Chicks

    Barring gene

    What do you think I would get from this pair?? And from this roo over a black, blue and lavender hens?
  11. Hawaii Chicks

    Cream Legbar Roo with Leghorn hen? What will I get?

    What would I get from a CCL roo over a light brown leghorn hen??
  12. Hawaii Chicks

    Black Copper Maran sex-link?

    A black copper marans roo over cuckoo marans hen or any other barred hen ( like barred rock) will give you sexlinks. If you want to get sexlinks from your Delaware hen, you need a Rhode Island Red roo
  13. Hawaii Chicks

    Using a No-Spill Feeder with Crested Breeds?

    Those are my home made water dispensers and feeders. They work great!
  14. Hawaii Chicks

    Help! Modern Game Bantam Sexing.

    Thank you! Just checked... no modern game, old English only!
  15. Hawaii Chicks

    Black Copper Marans x ISA Brown = ?

    Same chicken, some weeks ago
  16. Hawaii Chicks

    Help! Modern Game Bantam Sexing.

    Hello there! I’m looking tu buy some modern game bantams. Any info about breeders? Thank you
  17. Hawaii Chicks


    The box says just one day
  18. Hawaii Chicks

    A Salmon Favorelle, Austrolorpe, Easter Egger and...???

    This is what I have to protect my chicks and eggs from this: Mangoooses
  19. Hawaii Chicks


    In a feed store here in Big Island, Hawaii. You can find it online It was almost $50 for 100 tabs I’ve seen it for a better price online
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