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    A one minute Rant.....

    Having had chickens now for most of my life I know that chicken keeping is a constant struggle. I was lucky and learned a lot from my mother who always had chickens. And my Mother learned most of what she knew from her grandmother who raised and sold dressed chickens and eggs back in the early...
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    BROODY HUTCHES my Mothers Day Project FINISHED

    So on Mother's Day my husband ask me what I wanted to do. I replied" I need new Broody hutches" this spring we had dismantled the hutches I had been using as they say we're pretty dilapidated. my Mother had built them when I was a Youngster. I am now 60. I had saved all the hardware cloth and...
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    Egg with grainy surface, what causes it?

    Hello everone, Yesterday i collected this egg with a grainy surface. Does anyone have an idea what causes this. The other 2 eggs are my normal eggs i gather every day. I dont know who laid this egg but i do have brought home some new hens this spring. All my birds are over 3 years old. The new...
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    Thunderstorms and Hatching Eggs, truth or not?

    How many of us have been told by an oldtimer at one time that thunder and lightning storms kill your hatching eggs? Me, for one was told that by my mother and 2 other beloved old timers who i might add were invaluable sources of good advice on many different subjects. My experience that...
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    I wanted to share an older story about my daughter who was 10 at the time. It was a small article in the online version of Traverse Magazine. She is 16 now, and would kill me if she knew i was doing this. 2...
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    Weasel free for 10 years until YESTERDAY!

    So all summer i was constantly breaking up my broodies as i did not want to deal with a bunch of access roosters going into fall. But my one hen Carmelo was determined so i gave her some eggs and she hatched 3 chicks about a month ago. I posted pictures of her here on this site with her babies...
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    Carmello Hatched 3 babies!

    My girl Carmello hatched her 3 eggs yesterday! My chickens are all a mixture, but my current rooster is barred with feather feet. I just had to post some pics!
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    MAD CITY CHICKENS anyone else ever watch it?

    A few years ago my husband and i were watching PBS and caught the end segment of MAD CITY CHICKENS which is a realy enjoyable documentary about back yard chickens. We HAD to purchase the CD so we could watch the whole thing. Its informative and some parts are laugh out loud funny. This is a...
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    Hurry, my Chicken has to go to the Vet!

    So here is one of my funniest chicken stories. Years ago when I was building my greenhouse in the open area of my yard. I had to walk right by the front stoop of my chicken house where a lot of the chickens hung out to dust bathe and primp their feathers. I did a lot of walking back and forth...
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    Chickens in Northern Michigan

    I have been around chickens most of my life. My mom always kept some, and i still have a small flock, for eggs and also because there is something about having chickens in your yard. Watching them scratch and chase bugs, taking dust baths, how they interact with each other. They have there own...
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    Anybody got extra Japanese Bantams?

    I like the Black Tailed White but will take any color avaliable.
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