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  1. QueenOfMyCoop

    Hurt nail on my pekin duck

    Any suggestions of what I should do? His nail is broke, I think..
  2. QueenOfMyCoop

    Duck egg..

    What do you all think guys? It has 6 days left..
  3. QueenOfMyCoop

    duck eggs

    I have a duck egg that has 9 days left. I have had it on its side with the pointy end slightly pointed down. i didn't realize it was supposed to be completely down so the egg is standing up... should I switch it?? or is it too late?
  4. QueenOfMyCoop

    pekin duck acting strange...

    my pekin duck is acting a little strange, she barely walks around with her friends and she sits under the tree most of the day. she is about 7 months old and normally very active. they get a lot of exercise and eat multi flock grain and is able to free roam. any thoughts?
  5. QueenOfMyCoop

    What do u all think?

    Duck egg has about 5 days to do you think it looks??
  6. QueenOfMyCoop

    are these developing ok??

    i have had these ducks eggs incubating for approx 10 days. the veins were visible until a few days ago...
  7. QueenOfMyCoop

    Incubating duck eggs..

    Hi Can anyone tell me if these look like they are developing ok? A few days ago the veins seemed more prominent..
  8. QueenOfMyCoop


    Do you think this is fertile?
  9. QueenOfMyCoop

    Clutch found

    I found a clutch outside with my hen laying on it. I'm not sure what to do because I put the chickens in the coop at night so she can't lay on them... do I move them inside the coop?? Its getting chilly at night..
  10. QueenOfMyCoop


    I had to find a new home for my cockerels, how long will my pullets eggs be fertilized for?
  11. QueenOfMyCoop


    anyone know what breeds?
  12. QueenOfMyCoop

    please help! i don't want to get rid of my rooster!!

    my 4 month old seabright bantam has started attacking us and I NEED to figure out how to tame him! He is a wonderful rooster to the hens but not so much to us. I'm hoping for some advice of what to do as I don't want to find him a new home.... Thanks!
  13. QueenOfMyCoop

    Pekin ducks

    hi I bought 6 pekin ducks in April and we ended up with 3 males and 3 females.. what should be the ratio of males to females?
  14. QueenOfMyCoop

    ducks are afraid of their pond..

    I have 6 Pekin Ducks... we went away for 4 days and had someone watch our ducks/chickens. He some how forgot to feed them and now my ducks are afraid of their small pond. I don't know what it could be that scared them from it.. any thoughts?
  15. QueenOfMyCoop

    should i add 2 guinea hen to my flock??

    i have 22 chickens and 6 ducks...
  16. QueenOfMyCoop

    Calendar pic

    Calendar pics! ❤
  17. QueenOfMyCoop

    adding a turkey?

    I have 22 chickens and 6 ducks all about 2 months old. I was thinking about adding 3 quail but decided not to due to them being too small and frail. what about a turkey?? i don't feel like our bird family is complete, apparently.. :D
  18. QueenOfMyCoop

    quails with chickens and ducks

    I am thinking about add 3 quail to my 22 chickens and 6 ducks which are about 2 months old. the quail are a few days old but i won't put them out there until they get bigger but i was wondering if anyone has any ideas of how they will get along... thanks!
  19. QueenOfMyCoop

    at what age do will they start laying?

    I have 6 Pekin duck, 6 bantams and a bunch of hens...what age do they all start to lay eggs?
  20. QueenOfMyCoop

    duck pool/pond

    we have 390 gallon galvanized tub that we made into the ducks pond. they love it but it is a lot of work! Does anyone know of any plants or fish to put in it so that the water isn't having to be constantly change. we also have a small pump that does some. thanks!
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