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  1. MelBrown13

    2 week old Seabright... protruding vent?

    Between Google and this site, I believe this to be a protruding vent on my 2 week old Silver Seabright. She's not growing like the others either, but she's eating and drinking just fine (though she perpetually needs her butt cleaned, obviously.) Any suggestions on what I can do for her? I'm...
  2. MelBrown13

    Apologies for the graphic poop picture...

    I have about 15 chicks right now, and I have no idea which which this came, but it was just about 5 minutes ago, and it doesn't look good. Thoughts?
  3. MelBrown13

    Impacted Crop? 1week old Plymouth!

    This little one has been fine until we just noticed this today... about 10 minutes ago. The area seems swollen (sort of). The chicks is still eating and drinking, but he doesn't seem to be as active as he was before. I'm guessing this is an impacted crop, but I have no idea what to do! Please help!
  4. MelBrown13

    I should know this, but...

    What kind of bantam chick is this? I just got 47 new chicks in of 9 different types, and I'm all kerfuffled. :)
  5. MelBrown13

    This is not a Bantam Buff Cochin...

    So a few weeks ago I posted here and was told this was a buff Cochin. I have two other best coaches, and the more this one develops, the more I realize it's not a buff Cochins. Lol Could this be a Gold Neck D'Uccle? Any other ideas? Also, I'm guessing cockeral, yes? Thanks in advance!
  6. MelBrown13

    Gender Help needed, please!

    We're thinning our flock of 16 down to just 6. We have new homes arranged and would prefer to hand off roos (keeping only ladies in tune with city ordinance.) Any best guesses here would be greatly appreciated! I've attached 2 images of some...others aren't so cooperative in their posing. :)
  7. MelBrown13

    Ready to move to Coop?

    Our bantam chicks are nearly 6 weeks old, and I'm wondering if there's any reason for us to delay moving them outside to their permanent coop? There are no other chickens in the coop yet so there is no concern there. We've allowed their living quarters (indoor workshop) to fluctuate between...
  8. MelBrown13

    New Member from Utah - Introduction

    Since I have no idea what sort of information to include in my introduction, I'm using the handy template provided. :) (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? We are VERY new to chickens. We bought a new (to us) home a few months ago, and there was already a nice coop...
  9. MelBrown13

    Bantam Breed Help, please!

    I've probably spent over 10hrs pouring over the internet trying to figure out what sort of bantams I received 3 weeks ago from Privett Hatchery. I've sorted out the Silkies and Polish Crested, but that's the extent of my "expertise". I need help, please!!! I asked Privett when ordering what...
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