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    Rooster infectious bronchitis

    Our Rooster just passed away from infectious bronchitis. We quarantined him and were doing everything we could. He actually seemed to be getting much better then died overnight. Our 5 hens seem healthy. They have been away from him for 5 days and show no symptoms. Do you think they are in the...
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    Very watery poop photo included

    Two of my chickens have VERY watery poop. My Rooster just pooped an entire puddle of clear liquid. My easter egger hen's was more milky. Both seem healthy and happy. Eating and drinking normally. The hen is laying eggs daily with no issue. Any ideas?
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    3 eggs!!

    My Sapphire Gem consistently lays every morning. Yesterday she layed a perfect egg at 9AM. At 4 in the afternoon I let them out in the yard and she layed another with a soft shell. Then 10 minutes later ANOTHER with just the membrane around it. I don't even see how this is possible :hmm but I...
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    New egg layer problems

    3 days ago our sapphire gem layed her first egg in the corner of the coop. Two days later she layed a translucent one while out free ranging. Then this morning we checked the coop and there was shell and egg yolk in the corner like someone ate it. She won't leave the spot now and seems really...
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    Small crest

    This is Dorothy! I'm wondering what breed she is (or what she is mixed with). She came with my two other Easter eggers, but they look like americaunas and dont have a crest. She is seriously the sweetest!
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    What Breed is my all Black chicken?

    I have a black chicken with a dark almost black comb, slightly iridescent feathers, and a small amount of feathering on the outsides of their legs and feet. I read that black marans have feathered feet like this but the photos I have found don't really match.
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    There was poop that definitely looked like coccidiosis in our coop yesterday morning. I got Corid and I am treating their water. This morning there was still a large amount of blood. None of the chickens are acting any different. They are all eating and drinking. From your experience, how long...
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    Coop is finished (mostly)

    Our coop is finally move in ready!!! All that's left is to get the roof on (it's waterproof for the time being). Our chickies have been putting themselves bed and roosting every night without any assistance from us. I love watching them 😍.
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    Help! Cockerels or Pullets.

    I have read and researched so much but you all have the best information and experience! Any guesses on the sex of these guys? They range from 8-10 weeks.
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    Missing Feathers

    My chicks are around 7-8 weeks old. They all are all pretty much fully feathered except one has never grown them on her back. I've never seen the others pecking her and there are no feathers laying around. I will post a photo. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    New here!

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? We are BRAND NEW! (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 4 chicks (3) What breeds do you have? I believe Ameraucana and a Saphire blue (4) What are your favorite aspects of raising backyard chickens? I love their...
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    Newbie here, what do I have?

    We are very new to chickens, but very excited for the adventure. These are our chicks. We got them from an acquaintance and were told they were a variety of breeds such as Ameraucana, and Sapphire blue. Could y'all help me with their breed, and what they may look like when they get bigger? Thanks!
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