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  1. afieldssnowyegger

    Anyone selling any hatching eggs? (only pure breeds needed)

    Hi! I have a science fair project involving hatching out chicks from different breeds, but it’s very important that they are pure breeds for my experiment to be accurate. Is anyone selling single breed hatching eggs?
  2. afieldssnowyegger

    22 weeks old: Pullet or Cockerel

    22 week old Easter Eggers.... none laying
  3. afieldssnowyegger

    Baton Rouge, LA Area - May have free chicks of different breeds within the next year

    Hi! I am doing a science fair project with poultry, and I will be hatching different breeds of chickens to see which breeds have the best hatching rates, and I will monitor the development. They will all be pure breeds of whichever ones I choose (haven't decided yet). I cannot keep them once...
  4. afieldssnowyegger

    Outside city limits.... Do chicken laws/ordinances apply to me?

    I was reading up on some of my city's chicken ordinances.... and I realized that I am outside of city limits. Although my address says that I live in the city, technically I don't? Would these rules apply to me? Asking because chicken math is getting to me 🤣 I only have three right now, because...
  5. afieldssnowyegger


    Found this bug on a chicken I rescued last night. Mites? Or lice?
  6. afieldssnowyegger

    Super Sweet Rescue Rooster - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    I rescued a stray rooster, who’s currently in my garage with a little temporary coop set up. We think he’s a bantam Araucana, about the size of my hand. Feathers are iridescent black. Healthy for the most part, but does have poultry lice, and possibly mites (I’m checking tonight). So he would...
  7. afieldssnowyegger

    Rescue Chicken

    Concerned about a chicken that i just rescued from someone who found her in his backyard (somehow wandered in). I believe she may be a japanese bantam. She's all black, but her feathers are iridescent. Her comb has little black spots, so I first thought fowl pox, but I don't see any other...
  8. afieldssnowyegger

    Swollen Comb - 19 week old pullet

    Hi! My 19 week old Easter egger pullet has a very swollen comb, and it’s also very red. She’s not laying yet. Is this an issue? It’s normally very small.
  9. afieldssnowyegger

    I think my Pullet might be egg bound - Help!

    I have an 18 week old Pullet who’s been acting strange over the past few days- laying down, squatting, standing still, not running around. She hasn’t been eating, but drinking a lot of water. I first suspected sour crop because her crop was soft, but I now believe that she may be just drinking...
  10. afieldssnowyegger


    One of my 18 week old pullets has a large crop that feels like a water balloon - very soft and squishy. I also saw her spitting up about 1 or 2 teaspoons of clear water/mucus. I’ve seen her spit up little droplets before, but didn’t think much of it. Is this sour crop? I’ve separated her for...
  11. afieldssnowyegger

    Considering Mixing Flock breeds/ages

    Hi! I have three 18 week old Easter egger pullets- I’m thinking about getting a serama pullet (about 7 weeks old). Do you think the size/age difference will be an issue? None of my chickens are very aggressive at all, more so shy and skittish, so I wouldn’t be so worried if it was a larger bird...
  12. afieldssnowyegger

    Yellow poop

    I have three 17 wk old pullets, not sure which one did this but found a poop with White and yellow liquid, but no normal (brown) poop. Should I be concerned?
  13. afieldssnowyegger

    Where can I get Seramas?

    Anyone know of any hatcheries that ship serama chicks or serama hatching eggs? I can’t seem to find any. I don’t want to go the eBay route, so looking for alternatives to that.
  14. afieldssnowyegger

    Where can I get Seramas?

    Anyone know of any hatcheries that ship serama chicks or serama hatching eggs? I can’t seem to find any.
  15. afieldssnowyegger

    Chickens ate feed with grain mites

    I just realized last night that my chicken feed was infested with grain mites. Not sure how long it’s been infested but it was pretty bad when I figured it out, so I’m assuming a while. I cleaned the feeder and opened a new, mite free bag of feed, and so they’re no longer eating the feed with...
  16. afieldssnowyegger

    14 week old Easter egger. Posted here before but still unsure.

    This is Fluffy. 14 weeks old. Top of pecking order. Lets the other two drink/eat first always. Larger. Tail is beginning to concern me. Transitioning from being very gentle to a little more “sassy” and difficult to deal with. Still a little gentle though? Very nervous when separated from other...
  17. afieldssnowyegger

    4 month old pullet crying?

    It was storming the other day, and one of my chickens began to make a noise that was sort of like crying? It sounded like the back half of a rooster crow. I found this video- from 0:28 to 0:35 is the noise my hen was making. Over and over and over again until the thunder stopped. Any idea if...
  18. afieldssnowyegger

    3 1/2 Month Old Pullets Losing Feathers?

    Hi! I have three pullets who are almost 14 weeks old and in the last week they’ve lost so many feathers that I’m beginning to worry... one of my chickens barely has any tail feathers left. Additionally, my sweetest most docile chicken has suddenly become very rebellious and almost seems more...
  19. afieldssnowyegger

    Dealing With A Serious Chicken Addiction

    I got three chicks a while back- now they’re all grown, and wonderful hens. I have just one issue: Chicken math. Does anyone have any solutions to dealing with wanting baby chicks so badit physically hurts? (Without getting more chicks 🤣) When I’m shopping for chicken feed for my hens, It’s so...
  20. afieldssnowyegger

    Where can I get quail chicks?

    Just wondering if there are any places that I can order quail chicks from already hatched and in smaller quantity (like 10 or 15)
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