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  1. kemoldenhauer

    Mereks disease

    After 23 yrs of raising birds, My flock finally has it. Booooooo!. lost 3 hen hatched-3 month olds already. Need to cull a few older birds that show signs of infection but seem ok. I have read all I can about it. Wondering tho.. if it is a herpes virus, couldn’t I give them an L-Lysine...
  2. kemoldenhauer

    Big Brother? Mother hen? Confused!

    I have 2, 2 1/2 month old chicks we incubated. One is a banty frizzle that is looking like a hen. The other is a gold link, R.I. Red cross that is looking like a cockerel. The thing is he seems to act like a hen to the little friz. She will go under him in rain,he holds out his wings for her...
  3. kemoldenhauer

    Central Mn. Chicken Lover

    Greetings! I was looking to find an answer to a random chicken question amd found this site! I can tell I'll love it! We have just a few chickens right now. A amazing Thai game cock, a cochin banty, a R.I red, 3 cross chicks from previous 3, a black frizzle banty and a gold link red cross we...
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