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  1. CapricornFarm

    Likes not working properly

    It seems to me this feature is getting worse instead of better. I used to have to hit the like button twice to get it to work. Now it seems that every time i refresh a page, the likes i gave a missing. Getting frustrated. Anyone else with this issue?:barnie
  2. CapricornFarm

    Happy Birthday, MrsMistyReal

    For all of you who are missing our friend Misty, her birthday is coming up on the 30th. Let's all wish her well! All BYC rules apply, let's play nice.
  3. CapricornFarm


    I have had bad pain in my left shoulder and neck for 2 weeks now. I have seen 4 doctors. One was a family doctor, two were ER doctors and today i saw an Ortho doc. For pain i was prescribed Motrin. Mortin didn't help at all. I have been nauseated, and my blood pressure is way up because of the...
  4. CapricornFarm

    Trouble posting photos

    I am having trouble posting photos. I know how to do it, but when i try to post them, they disappear. Often i have to do it 2 or 3 times, as i do with liking posts.
  5. CapricornFarm

    Albino Coturnix

    I was wondering how common , or unusual albino Coturnix quail are. I got two from eggs i bought, but they both died. Later i got more from eggs hatched from birds i hatched from that original dozen of eggs i bought. Also in that group i got silvers and A and M patterned birds. Anyone else have...
  6. CapricornFarm

    Coturnix Quail and hatching eggs, VA

    I have James Marie Jumbo Brown, Texas A&M, Tuxedo, Silver and a few other colors. I do not ship birds. PM me for details please.
  7. CapricornFarm

    Yet Another Chicken Coop!

    Since i now own lovely Tolbunt Polish and Crested Cream Legbars, and they are growing fast, i need to get busy and build a coop. I have chosen the site, near my new Turkey Coop, so it can use the side of the turkey runs as the back of the chicken runs. Here is the site:
  8. CapricornFarm

    Coturnix Hatching eggs

    I have James Marie Jumbo Browns, Texas A & Ms, and a few Silvers ( just starting to lay). Eggs are $5 a dozen plus shipping, whatever that is these days to where you are. I use Priority usps. Fertility is great, they are hatching like crazy. I collect eggs several times a day.
  9. CapricornFarm

    Turkey Coop Build

    Hello everyone! I have young turkeys that really need a coop and run of their own. Turkeys require 10 square feet of coop space per bird, and 20 square feet of run space per bird. Ultimately i will weed the turkeys out and keep 5 females and one male. Right now i have 9 youngsters and 3 small...
  10. CapricornFarm

    Triple Brooder Build

    I started building a brooder today. It is 7 feet long, and 30" wide. The plan is to put in dividers so i can put different types of babies in them, or different ages separate. Right now i have quail eggs, guinea eggs and chicken eggs. Thought i would post this for anyone interested.
  11. CapricornFarm

    Myth Busters, BYC style

    Ok, i keep hearing a lot of things that i consider false being perpetuated. Lets see if we can confirm or bust some myths. All BYC rules must be adhered to. No bickering. State your opinion, and provide evidence if possible. Remember, family friendly site.
  12. CapricornFarm

    Building an Incubator

    I have a Brinsea 20 Octagon and a new Incuview but its just not enough space. So rather than spend a whole lot of money on another commercial incubator i decided to make my own. I figure i need a container, a fan, a thermostat and a heat source. Follow along and see how i screw up along the way.
  13. CapricornFarm

    Lean-to build

    I am currently building a lean-to in order to have shelter for my rabbits. They are in my barn right now, but i want to get goats so i need more shelter. This type of structure could easily serve as a large coop or coop run combo. The advantage is that one side is already built for you. Follow...
  14. CapricornFarm

    What is up with the Stock Market?

    Anyone else taking a beating? 401K is way down! Is there another Depression on the horizon?
  15. CapricornFarm

    Seed Swap!

    I know lots of folks have extra seeds sitting around and might be intetested in swapping seeds, bulbs, roots or whatever for gardening. All BYC rules apply, they will not be responsible for swaps not completed. The person shipping is responsible for postage unless otherwise agreed by the...
  16. CapricornFarm

    Mystery rabbit

    I went to a person's house to buy some used cages and ended up with 4 rabbits! Three were breeds i knew but this fourth one i just don't know . It is supposed to be a purebred rabbit. Any ideas?
  17. CapricornFarm

    It hurts!

    Hello BYC folk! For whatever reason, lots of us have to suffer with chronic or acute pain. So this thread is for those folks to discuss, complain, vent, brainstorm or otherwise try to deal with it. Usual rules apply, be nice and helpful so we can keep up the discussion. You can also discuss...
  18. CapricornFarm

    Teflon coated heat lamps killing birds!

    These poor folks had 7 hens drop dead in their coop suddenly after changing their heat lamp bulb! Please be very careful and do not use shatter resistant bulbs. Teflon fumes kill birds very quickly!
  19. CapricornFarm

    Gardening for Old Folks (Adaptative)

    All BYC rules apply. Lets play nice. I am getting ready to celebrate another birthday. And it is getting harder for me to garden. There are ways to make things easier and still have good results. Let's talk about it!
  20. CapricornFarm

    Rabbit Hutch or Banty Run Build

    I thought some folks might be interested in building a rabbit hutch or an area to grow young chickens, or even a run for a few banties or quail. I will include lots of photos. I will attempt to include a materials list, though i am building this model with scraps i have from building other...
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