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    Chicks dropping dead

    I wanted to refresh my flock of true ameraucanas so I purchased 10 chicks (last Friday) from a “reputable” breeder. On Monday (Yesterday) 4 of the chicks dropped dead (1 chick every couple hours) and as of today a fifth chick has just dropped dead. I have NEVER had a mortality rate like this...
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    Chick’s face growing crooked, unlike scissor beak

    I have 2 doz 7 wk old Banty chicks. Only this one chick (circled in photo) has their upper AND lower beak growing crooked in the SAME direction? It was first noticeable at 6wks so I began treating it as if scissor beak was going to occur. In the last week the beak has become significantly more...
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    Hen no longer walking, what am I overlooking?

    Polish x hen, approx 6 months old as of June 2020. Has started to lay one egg a day. She was given to me about 3 months ago, I quarantined her for 21 days and introduced her to my flock. No issues, no one picks on her. Her left leg has crooked toes that weren't fixed as a chick. Due to her toes...
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