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    Question about flock addition

    So, I have 8 ducks (6 female, 2 male). Someone contacted my son and wants me to take his 2 female ducks. How long do I keep the new ducks isolated from my flock.
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    Angel wing?

    Does this look like the beginning of angel wing? If so what do I do. Hazel is 5 weeks old.
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    Gigi the mallard!!!!

    So Gigi, my mallard has recently started to lay eggs. I have found eggs in random spots around my yard and up under my storage building. Well, the little fart has disappeared from a secured area I have for her. The boys keep going to a spot by my building and looking under it. I believe she...
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    Duck eggs

    So my mallard has just started laying. I’ve gotten eggs 1 week apart, and then two days in a row and nothing since. What should I expect? Will she lay daily eventually?
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    Duck house question

    I have 8 ducks (5 are ducklings) will a 4x6 house be enough room for nighttime? They will free range during the day.
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    Duck egg question

    So I got my first egg last week. How often do new layers, lay eggs? What should I be expecting?
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    First egg!!!!

    Gigi lates her first egg!!!! I’m so happy!!!!
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    Duck guilt

    So I’ve separated my female, Gigi from her boyfriend, Daffy. This makes me feel so guilty lol. Gigi is in the pen. You have to look hard to see her.
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    Ducklings and hen question

    So I got 5 females ducklings this week to add to my flock. I already have three, 5 month old ducks. I have had to separate my only female from my males due to mating. Since my hen is the only female can I introduce her to the ducklings? Or put her with the ducklings so she’s not alone?
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    3 ducks question

    Ok so I have 3 ducks. Two Pekins, one Mallard. They are approximately 5 months old. I have had to separate the hen from the males because the mating issue. I have more female ducklings on the way. Anyway, is my female gonna be ok being separated alone, even though she can see the boys? I worry...
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    Drakes chasing hen

    My drake to hen ratio is off. I’ve noticed my drakes chasing my hen around. They are approximately 5 months old. Do I need to separate them?
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    New ducklings on the way

    Good morning, hope everyone is well. So I have 3 ducks. 2 male Pekins, 1 female mallard. Didn’t know about Drake to hen ratio when son brought home ducklings. Anyway, the 3 I have are about 4 months old. I ordered some female ducklings that should be here in the next week. Do I need to keep them...
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    Gigi the Duck

    Ok so Gigi is my little mallard that keeps flying over the garden fence in their run area. I’ve clipped wings to no avail. We went on vacation and of course she did it then. So I’ve started letting them free range in our fenced back yard for several hours. I walked by the back door and saw this...
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    Gigi the duck

    Ok so my little mallard Gigi keeps flying over the garden fence which is about 3 ft tall. I’ve clipped her wings but she still can do it. We are going on vacation and I don’t want her getting out while the duck sitter comes. Did I not clip wings enough?
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    Duck mating

    I am a first time duck owner. My ducks are 3 1/2 months old. I have 2 drakes (Pekins) and 1 female mallard. I know my ratio is off. So far everything is fine. However we are going on vacation in a couple weeks and I don’t know if I should be worried about my female or not. So far it’s a lot of...
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    Duck run

    So my ducks are 2months old. They stay outside all day and I bring them in at night. I haven’t been able to predator proof my duck house and run yet, that’s why they come in. Anyway, this is how they like to sleep. Is that ok after I predator proof the house and run? For them to sleep in the run?
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    Ok so my little Mallard Gigi got spooked yesterday and flew off and flew into a window. She seems fine eating drinking and acting normal. However she isn’t in her pool much today. She is usually one of the first ones in. Should I be concerned? Or am I being paronoid?
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    duck flew into window

    My mallard got spooked and she flew out of her coop and over our privacy fence. She hit the neighbors window. She seems to be ok. I brought all 3 ducks in the house. Do you think she will be ok?
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    Ducks feathers

    Why do my ducks look like they had a pillow fight each morning. There are feathers everywhere. They are all getting along. Are they getting their adult feathers?
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    Rouen or Mallard?

    Can anyone tell me if Gigi is a Mallard or Rouen? I keep going back and fourth. Lol
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