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  1. chewy1981

    chicken treats

    we recently bought a pecking block for our chickens which they loved, the following week we found u could buy the ingredients in a tub for near enough the same price but will do 4 times the amount, what would be safe to use to bind the mix together to be able to remake the block, a friend...
  2. chewy1981

    chicken poop

    1 of my chickens sometimes has a light brown poop and slightly runny, looking at other posts its not yellow. is this normal? they've recently been wormed and at the moment are having some apple cider vinegar in their water, all looking very healthy and eating and drinking well. i regulary check...
  3. chewy1981

    cuckoo marans

    I have a Cuckoo Maran who is approx 22 weeks but still hasn't started laying, is this quite common? We also have a pekin Partridge Bantam, Gold Laced Cochin and a White Sikie. just recently lost our other pekin so theres a bit of a pecking order re shuffle going on as she was boss, wasn't sure...
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