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    What Size (Sizes?) Should I Make Nesting Boxes

    So I’m going to be building nesting boxes. I have a huge variety from a small Spitzhauben to Brahma and Jersey Giant. So how large should these nesting boxes be. Should I make them all one size or should I make different sized ones to suit the different birds. I was planning 12” deep, 12” tall...
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    How Young Can You Give Chicks Pellets

    So I’ve been feeding my chicks Naturewise starter grower crumbles and in the bag it says at 8 weeks start feeding Naturewise all flock. They come in crumbles but I can find that sold anywhere, just the pellets. Will they be able to eat them? Is there an easy way to grind it up if it isn’t...
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    Breed ID for Chick With Feathered Feet

    I’m really confused and trying to figure out who this chick is lol. I believe I should only have 4 chicks with feet feathers, and they are all accounted for. Yet I have this chick with feathered feet. My best guess is that it’s an Americana? Can they have feathered feet if not “pure” ? They are...
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    Crowing 6 Week Old Rooster?

    Hello, I was wondering if my 6 week old chick, who is supposed to be a hen, is crowing or is something stuck in his/her throat. Does crowing guarantee a roo? I’m They are either an Ancona or an Exchequer Leghorn. Here is a link to the crow:
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    Baby Chicks Eating Sand Dustbath

    Hello, I was wondering if I should be worried about my chicks eating sand. I saw a few of the chicks (they are 12-14 days old) appearing to try to bathe in their pine shavings. So I went down to the stream, and got some of the sand that is on the edges, sanitized it in the oven, and gave it to...
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    Worms Found in Chicken Poop ID (With Pictures) Help and Treatment

    Hi, I just checked one of my hen’s poop and I saw worms in it. Can someone help me with ID and next step? Thanks!
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    Would having to Roosters Sharing The Same Coop With 22 Hens be Okay?

    Hello, I'm planning on getting chicks very soon and am trying to decided what to do. I'm ordering from Hover's Hatchery and have chosen quite the variety. I have 14 hens that I'm planning to order and 1 rooster. I also already have 8 adult hens. I don't really want two roosters, but that might...
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    Newish Hobbyist Introduction!

    Hello everyone! I first had chickens while my family lived with my grandad in 2017. Had them for a few years before a raccoon got in and killed them all. We moved into a new house in September and inherited the previous owners chickens. So I’m not new per say, just new to...
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