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  1. yogi

    Egg color for Rhode Island Reds

    I have owned lots of large size R.I.R. hens and they have always laid a fairly dark brown egg. I recently bought some Bantam R.I.R. for hatching and they are ivory. Are they different color or did I get ripped off?
  2. yogi

    Feeding corn

    Can I feed my hens 50% corn and 50% commercial layer for a couple of weeks without harming them?
  3. yogi

    White Leghorn Laying

    I have 4 white leghorn pullets which I hatched. They are about 22 weeks old and 2 of them have been laying for over 2 weeks. Should I expect the other 2 to start soon or may they wait until spring?
  4. yogi

    What breed

    I have an a question. I have the following breeds of young hens. White Rocks, Barred rocks, Red Stars, Buff orpingtons and Columbian Wyandottes. One or two of these hens lays a very pale, almost white, rather small egg. Which breed could it be. I know it is not the Red Stars. These are very...
  5. yogi

    Cornish/Rock cross still living

    My grandson has 5 Cornish/Rock cross meat birds that he bought April 7th. They are still alive and 2 lay an egg most every day. So they don't explode or poop their guts out.
  6. yogi

    Length of lay

    My pullets started laying in mid-August at about 19 weeks. How long can I expect them to lay before they begin molting or stop for cold weather.I live in WV and use heat lamps but coop isn't really heated.
  7. yogi

    Egg size

    I have a 27 week old hen which about once a week lays a 4 oz egg. That is 48 oz/doz. Jumbo is ony 30 oz. Will it kill her?
  8. yogi

    Egg production

    I have 20 pullets 26 weeks old. They have been laying for about 2 months. I was getting 15 to 17 eggs per day. A few days ago I switched them to laying mash plus it has been getting about 30 deg at night. Their production has dropped to 9 or 10 per day. What do you think might be the reason?
  9. yogi

    Rock breeding

    Is there any difference in the offspring if you use a Barred Rock rooster on White Rock hens or a White Rock rooster on Barred Rock hens
  10. yogi

    Egg Color

    I have the following breeds of pullets starting to lay. Buff Orpington, Columbian Wyandotte and Barred Rock. One lays an egg which is almost white. Does anyone know what breed this might be?
  11. yogi

    how much

    How much should I feed my laying pullets (23 wks) each day?
  12. yogi

    shape of eggs

    I have some hens which just started laying. Every once in awhile I get a small egg which is mis-shapen and has a crinkly shell. Is this an anomaly or is the hen defective and will always lay this type of egg?
  13. yogi

    size of eggs.

    I have 6 red sex-links and 6 White rocks. They are all 22 weeks old and started laying at 18 1/2 weeks. The White Rock eggs are much smaller than the sex-links even though they are much larger birds. . Will the Rock eggs get bigger as they grow older and is it because the Rocks are slower...
  14. yogi

    possible sex linksof chickens

    I have the following breeds of chickens, both hens and roosters. Could anyone tell me the possible sex-link combinations? I have R.I. Red, White Rocks, White leghorns, Delawares, Barred Rocks, Dominiques, Buff Orpingtons and Columbian Wyandottes. Any help will be appreciated. I already know that...
  15. yogi

    Red sex-links

    I have six Red sex link pullets which I just love. Mine are an orangish/red with white tail feathers and white feathers around their neck. I have seen pictures of red sex-links which were all red. I don't like these.Can anyone tell me exactly what mine are called or where I can get them? Mine...
  16. yogi

    Too many eggs.

    I keep reading where members say they get more eggs per day than they have hens. This is not possible. A hen can't lay more than one egg a day.
  17. yogi

    Better Layer

    Which is the better layer, White Rocks or Barred Rocks since they are both Plymouth Rocks. Is there a difference in egg color. I have both breeds and need to thin down on one or the other.
  18. yogi

    sex of dominiques

    Since Dominiques have a rose comb, it will be forever before I can tell roosters. I am hoping that like with Barred Rocks the roos will have more white. Does anyone know?
  19. yogi

    White leghorns

    I have 5 White Leghorns which I hatched. They are 3 1/2 weeks old and I can't believe how large they are. This is a small breed of chicken. One has a very visible comb and the other 4 don't. Does this mean I have only 1 rooster or might the others just be slower to develop? I have never raised...
  20. yogi

    Red sex-links

    I have some red sex-link pullets 19 weeks old. These are an orangy/red color with quite a bit of white all around the neck and in the tail. Most I see pictures of are all red. Any ideas what breeds may have gone into this cross as I love them. They came from TSC and were just marked as red...
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