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  1. ack13

    Quick! Fence Height!

    My chickens are around 5 months old- some heavy birds and some aracaunas and polish as well. Currently they are in a 5' high fence that they can, if they choose, fly out of, even the RIRs and the Wyandottes. We are about to release them into the greater yard where we have 4' fences, and are...
  2. ack13

    3 Roosters a crowd?

    Almost 5 months old, I have a mixed batch of 12 hens ranging from RIRs to Polish. All seem to get along fine so far. But I have 3 roosters to boot...none intentionally. (McMurray Hatchery) A Cuckoo Maran, VERY aggressive towards small children, no longer with the adults. A RIR, dominant...
  3. ack13

    6 weeks...42 degrees over night?

    The chicks are going to be spending their first night in the chicken coop! It is not insulated, but it is draft free and filled with hay for bedding. 15 chicks, all appear feathered out. The low tonight is 42- will they be ok? Worried mom...
  4. ack13

    Bedding dilemma.

    Alright, 15 new chicks and I thought I had already read all of the books and new exactly how to proceed- So far everyone is healthy and peeping, eating, drinking, sleeping, pooping. The brooder is currently a cardboard box be-decked with a layer of absorbent fabric (no exposed threads) beneath...
  5. ack13

    Positive McMurray Experience

    Yesterday afternoon we received 27 healthy little chicks from McMurray Hatchery. All arrived peeping and lively, ready to eat and drink. So far so good, all of them seem to be healthy. We have one little polish who seems a bit smaller than the others, but he isn't having any trouble getting...
  6. ack13

    How much space, how soon?

    I've been doing a lot of reading and research into caring for the 10 new chicks (its my first time) that will arrive in around a month...and while there are many great pictures of brooders to be had, I'm having trouble determining how fast my chicks will grow, and how soon their space...
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