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  1. htaehn

    transporting turkeys

    I am taking some turkeys to be processed and I was wondering if I could load them up in transportation crates the night before or would it be to long in the crate? It is about 2 hours to the processing facility and I have to be there at 7am. Any opinions would be geat! thank you!
  2. htaehn

    how to transport chickens?

    I was wondering if anyone has used Live Traps to transport full grown chicks, and how many you think you could put in one?
  3. htaehn

    Poultry Farmer 2 Coop

    I bought the plans to the "Poultry Farmer 2" chicken coop. after looking at them I decided I still didnt know how to build it. Has anyone built this coop before?? and what is used as the Poop Pan there?
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