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  1. GreedySeedFeedy

    Helping special needs bird to drink?

    Looking to make drinking less of an ordeal for a bird with a mouth deformity causing her to easily inhale water while sipping. I have a little coturnix hen named Nuggie who was born with a deformed oral muscle. The place on her lower beak where soft flesh begins is quite hard, like scar...
  2. GreedySeedFeedy

    Something for chicks to snuggle (not feather duster!!)

    Hello. I've got a batch of coturnix chicks internally pipped and about to pop. My question is, what can I give them to use as a comfort item when I'm too busy sleeping or showering to be with them? Normally I just use a teddy bear under their heat lamp, but they always seem to be endlessly...
  3. GreedySeedFeedy

    Buttons vs Coturnix

    Hello, I keep coturnix as breakfast-giving pets for 4 years now and love them! I am curious about adding some button quails to my quaiviary. I understand they are quieter than cot roosters crowing, but how much quieter? Coturnix roosters, when unhappy, are incredibly annoying. I would say they...
  4. GreedySeedFeedy

    My quail setup

    So happy with this!! Just put it up today. The rooster is separated on the left under the finch cage until the ladies get used to him (you can see them in the front right by the air mattress, crammed together as far from him as physically possible, lol), and my two old and fragile retirees get...
  5. GreedySeedFeedy

    BEWARE of hairs!!

    So one of my quail roosters has been having problems with his feet recently, and it's a good thing too! I was asking on the forums about advice for his arthritis/stiff, swollen joints, and needed to post a picture so when I got home I looked at his feet and saw that there was a human hair...
  6. GreedySeedFeedy

    Arthritic rooster

    I have a coturnix rooster about 3 or 4 years old. He has arthritis in both feet, the first joint of his middle toe is fused and has 0 mobility. Can I do anything to ease his pain? No expense or effort is too big for him, he's my special boy.
  7. GreedySeedFeedy

    Viability of 'gently-sat' eggs

    How many days of warmth does it take for the growth process of an embryo to begin to the point where it can't be 'shelved' as a hatching egg anymore? For example, a broody hen sits on an egg for an entire day, maybe around 35 hours? Do those eggs have to be put into an incubator immediately, or...
  8. GreedySeedFeedy

    Worried daddy about to rehome

    Hello. I've been raising quail for their eggs in an indoor setting. We don't hatch new birds often, because we always wind up with a few surprise roosters. Most people kill and eat their unwanted/problem birds, but I'm very hands-on and a pretty emotional guy. My birds mean the world to me, and...
  9. GreedySeedFeedy

    Need some help getting my hands on Tylosin/Tylan.

    I need to find somewhere (online, I live in the middle of nowhere) a small amount of Tylosin (Tylan) in powdered form. I have a small finch that I raised from 5 days old due to being orphaned, and have noticed her eye beginning to swell slightly in one corner. When I found her, the baby was...
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