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  1. littlepatchofheaven

    Anyone interested in a fiber swap?

    i will offer my gray mohair in the raw (from my angora buck, whose name is smokey) , whoever wants it offers what they have and so on... *Shari*
  2. littlepatchofheaven

    chickens are dying, need help

    hi, i have had quite a few chickens die so far here are the symptoms- before death- kind of floppy not moving around alot, droopy head and wings, laying on side, dont want to eat or run around after death- i noticed very blueish/purple combs, head & neck poop seems fine. eating the same diet...
  3. littlepatchofheaven

    Noromectin for goats???????

    i have a brand new bottle of noromectin- can i use this for worms in goats? its injectable- what would the dosage be? thanks a bunch- shari*
  4. littlepatchofheaven

    goat ringworm questions

    Hi, i have an opportunity to get some goats but the owner said they might have ringworm, how is this treated? i looked it up online and it said it is a fungus, could i use any antifungal on it (cream type) ? thanks!
  5. littlepatchofheaven

    Got an old surge milking machine from a farmer near me!

    Went to get feed at this farmers place and he gave me an old surge milking machine! it needs new rubber and gaskets and the goat adapters. anyone know where i can find parts for it? Thanks! S*
  6. littlepatchofheaven

    who has nubians in northern minnesota?

    do you offer stud service? I have a doe or 2 that will need to be bred this fall so i am wondering if there is anyone close to me, or that has a nubian buck for sale? thanks! S*
  7. littlepatchofheaven

    question about quail?

    i have bobwhite quail and i noticed that their feathers are all curled up? is this a vitamin deficiency or something else? i have 2 males and 1 female and all of them look like that, they have access to a heat lamp and are inside in my basement which is at 65-70 degrees usually- also the female...
  8. littlepatchofheaven

    Quail ????????????????

    Do bobwhite quail need 1 male to 1 female or can i put 2-3 females per male? also what should i feed them to start egg laying? they are old enough but i havent gotten any eggs yet? thanks! shari:idunno
  9. littlepatchofheaven

    Quetions about chick problems

    my chicks were hatching late and the ones that didnt hatch (alot of em) still had their yolk sack on the outside, what did i do wrong? was it temp or humidity, i thought i had it kept between 99 and 102 the whole time and humidity between 40 and 60- is that right? mabye my temp and humidity...
  10. littlepatchofheaven

    Question on chicken tractors-

    Hi, for those of you that use chicken tractors for your meat birds do you not have problems with predators? around here we have weasels and fox and skunks plus others, what type of wire do you use, just regular chicken wire? i know weasels would get through that here, any ideas? thanks Shari*
  11. littlepatchofheaven

    Minnesota -animal swap sell n trade

    May 9th Effie MN 10am-2pm no charge to sellers or buyers any type of animal welcome Effie community center parking lot call shari @ 218-743-6099 leave message:)
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