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  1. Azeria

    Hen not eating with maggots (fly strike) on butt

    Our Welsummer is about 3 years old and recently she wasn't eating so I have had to give her some food that she would actually eat every day. She as been mainly pooping out water with a bit of food. When I was feeding her I noticed maggots or maggot like bugs crawling over her behind :sick. Its...
  2. Azeria

    Red bump on chicken's head

    So my Serama has had a small bald spot on her head for as long as I had her, and I was checking on it and I found a red bump. She has been eating and drinking and been totally normal, I am planning on showing her in a county fair later this year for 4H. Should I be worried about the bump? Should...
  3. Azeria

    Eye Infection?

    I just came home from a 1 1/2 week vacation and found that one of my hens has swollen eye and there are also bubbles coming out. I isolated her and checked my other chickens, and it looks that one of my others seems to be getting it. Any ideas of what I can do? Thanks in advance
  4. Azeria

    Showing/Training Seramas

    I am part of 4h and recently I got 3 seramas to show for 4h, they are about 10 weeks old. How do you train seramas, and how old do you normally train chickens for showing? Any tips are appreciated.
  5. Azeria

    Question about showing Seramas?

    So i'm part of a 4-h group and I want to get seramas to show in the county fair later this year, does anyone know about the color requirements?
  6. Azeria

    Seramas and winter in NY?

    Hi, I was wondering peoples thoughts about Seramas and winter, because i have fallen in love with the little guys and i'm in Upstate NY and do you think I would be able to keep them outside in the winter the average low is about 14.5°F and the high is 30.6°F? I have heard a bunch of different...
  7. Azeria

    Serama chick or some disease?

    So at school we got a bunch of eggs from a farm a bunch of weeks ago and this pullet was supposed to be a ameraucana (according to the farm) but it has a big bump on near the crop and is tiny compared to all the others. leading me to think it might be a Serama or have some type of tumor or...
  8. Azeria

    Show quality Welsummer?

    I want to show a chicken at the fair sometime soon and am wondering your opinions of my Welsummer and if it is even close to show quality. Thank you
  9. Azeria

    Looking for Sebright bantam pullets or eggs in NY

    Hello, I'm looking for pullets or eggs from someone near NY. If you have and for sale or you know a breeder that would be great. Thank you
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