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  1. badmsm

    Chickens with colds?

    I went to let me ladies out this morning, and four of them are wheezing, coughing and shaking their heads. I live in Central Valley, CA, where we have had a warmer than usual, VERY dry winter- it's drought conditions already. I don't see any mucus or swelling around the eyes, but one of the...
  2. badmsm

    Garden Composting: Is it safe to compost tomato plants if I want to let my hens to forage the compos

    On the West Coast, just had the first hard freezes, so want to compost the plants I lost or that were already spent. Is it OK to put my tomato plants in the composter if I plan to let my hens into the pile later on? Are there other plants I should avoid composting that may harm my hens? Thanks!
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