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  1. Pgrine

    How to get white eggs?

    I just looked up this chicken... It says they are very tasty 😋. It's a meat chicken from Breese France. I would love to get some of them in my flock. I don't think I would want to feed them out like they do over there. Here is an interesting article...
  2. Pgrine

    How to get white eggs?

    Can you post a picture of your chickens?
  3. Pgrine

    Quails wont shush

    You also don't need to give them anything else to eat until they are older. Blend the chick starter into a very fine crumble. Just keep the food filled and with them all the time in the cage so they can eat anytime they want. Also keep the water filled all the time. Northern bobs drink a lot of...
  4. Pgrine

    Quails wont shush

    Try blending their food. We have to blend the crumble in a blender or food processor because it's still to big for them. They may be hungry.
  5. Pgrine

    Quails wont shush

    Can you give insight to how old they are, if you hatched them, what your feeding them, a picture of your brooder? Because it could be a number of things. We raise Northern Bobwhites. What kind are you raising?
  6. Pgrine

    White dot on ear

    I have buff Orpington chicks about 3 or 4 weeks old. I picked them up from TSC so I'm not exactly sure of their age. I noticed this one has a white dot on its ear and I have never noticed that on any of our Orpington chicks before. Non of the other ones have that white dot. Is this normal?
  7. Pgrine

    Bored? Have some fun with this totally RANDOM thread! ~Click to see more!!!~

    🔓second row up from bottom left side
  8. Pgrine

    CornishX raising

    Thank you @Birdinhand. Wonderful advice. And I'm gonna check out that feed!
  9. Pgrine

    CornishX raising

    Oh... And they were about 3-4 weeks old when we separated them.
  10. Pgrine

    CornishX raising

    We take half out and move them the another pen. The first year we raised meat birds we used half the pen until they outgrew it and then opened up the other half. They eat and drink constantly. Like little pigs.
  11. Pgrine

    ISO: Bantam Cochin and Sumatra

    Ooppsss.. sorry... I don't know how, but I was posting on something else.
  12. Pgrine

    Quail becoming aggressive

    Introduce a dirt bath with diatomaceous earth added to the sand or dirt. She may have mites. Causing her to loose her feathers and being irritated.
  13. Pgrine

    ISO: Bantam Cochin and Sumatra

    Did any more of the eggs hatch? Also would love to see pics of the baby chicks. 😊
  14. Pgrine

    hard to peel fresh eggs

    Yes!! We have also used our insta-pot. It's amazing. Thanks for the tip.
  15. Pgrine

    Dang it, Mr. Fox!!

    Awfully sorry. 😞
  16. Pgrine

    CornishX raising

    Hi.. it's good to see you choose to raise your own chickens. We raise them inside our barn in a small area when they are day olds and make the area larger as they grow. We raised them for my daughter for her fair project. Just like day old chicks they need heat. So that stays the same. I'll...
  17. Pgrine

    Raising Baby Chicks

    Oh my.. I'm sorry I don't have an answer. But I need to follow in case it happens to us. We've hatched a lot of eggs and I never saw this problem. So I'm very intrigued. I hope you find a solution.
  18. Pgrine

    Hatcheries in Ohio questions.

    This is an old thread, so I'm not sure if you're still interested. But.... I really like Ridgeway Hatchery in LaRue. We have gone there a couple times to pick up day old buff Orpingtons. First time I got straight run, half were cockerels. Second time I got 20 pullets. All of them were pullets...
  19. Pgrine

    Quail in ohio

    I just came across this thread. If you're interested in raising or even just keeping northern Bobwhite quail then you will need to get ahold of ODNR. They will come to your house and look at your set up. Then you can either get a propagation license or a commercial license. I only have heard...
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