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  1. Pgrine

    White dot on ear

    I have buff Orpington chicks about 3 or 4 weeks old. I picked them up from TSC so I'm not exactly sure of their age. I noticed this one has a white dot on its ear and I have never noticed that on any of our Orpington chicks before. Non of the other ones have that white dot. Is this normal?
  2. Pgrine

    Why little eggs?

    My chickens have been laying eggs for awhile now. Some of them will be a year old in a week, and a few that are 4yo. I have gotten a few little eggs before and I have gotten a fairy egg before. I'm just wondering what causes a hen to all of a sudden lay a small or fairy egg when they have been...
  3. Pgrine

    Baby Chicks!

    I just had to do it!! I can't help it. I walked into TSC and they were there. I could hear the cute little peeps. I walked in a trance towards the cute feather balls. Their little chirp sounds they made pulled at my heart strings. I looked into the brooders like a kid looks at presents under the...
  4. Pgrine

    Getting NPIP tested

    I live in Ohio. I went online a few days ago to see about getting NPIP tested and they sent me an email reply that same day! She called me and we are getting tested tomorrow morning! I'm a bit nervous about this because I don't know exactly what it entails. She seemed very eager to get here and...
  5. Pgrine

    Transporting 1wk old bobwhite quail

    I have someone picking up 10, 1wk old bobwhite chicks. I am adding hand warmers in the transport box. Do I need a water source? They will be traveling for 2 1/2 hours. If so how do I add water to the box without it spilling and making them all wet?
  6. Pgrine

    Should I not breed these Orpingtons

    I have these Lavender Orpingtons that I got from Cackle Hatchery last June. I see now that their feathers look shredded! I was hoping to show them at fair this year but now I see they have a defective gene. Is it still ok to breed them just for eggs and as pets? Will all the chicks hatched from...
  7. Pgrine

    Worms?? How to get rid of them?

    I cracked this egg into my pan and saw what looked like a worm. What do you think? And how do I treat? Do I need to throw eggs away after I treat the hens? Can I still hatch eggs after treating the hens?
  8. Pgrine

    Do I need to separate?

    I have silkies 2 Roo's 2 hens in the same coop as my Lavender Orpington Roo's and 2 lavender Orpington hens and about 14 buff hens. I want to start collecting eggs to hatch. I don't want a mix of silkies/Orpington chicks. How soon do I need to separate so I don't hatch out mixes?
  9. Pgrine

    Hi! Northwest Ohio here

    Hi, My name is Pam. I am a new member. I have been raising chickens for about 3 years now. I am still learning new stuff every day. I am loving the Orpingtons. My husband is raising northern bobwhite quail.
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