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  1. Tree Goat

    Turkey passed away...Ground hog? Heart Attack? They are really fat and heavy!!!

    Do ground hogs prey on turkeys and chickens? I saw a ground hog (GH) today snooping around the fenced run I built. My turkeys and chickens can poke their heads through the fence. I wonder if the GH bit the turkey? Also, the broad breasted turkeys I have are so fat they have a hard time...
  2. Tree Goat

    “Fly” away...

    Fly strips work great to keep the nasty pests under control. See pic
  3. Tree Goat

    The Bird Run question

    Poultry Pals I haven't decided what kind of fencing I will use for the huge run for the birdies (four turkeys and six hens). In the mean time, what is the risk of letting the birds (all 8 weeks old) out of the coop for a few hours? Will they naturally go back to the coop, or will I have to...
  4. Tree Goat

    Electric Netting Questions

    Hello Poultry Pals!!! First, thanks for this site; excellent!!! I really like the "portability" option to give the birds additional grazing areas, so I'm looking seriously at this option (see pic below). Have already had a few large predators at night clawing at the coop and scaring the cute...
  5. Tree Goat

    Condo is ready!!!

    The birds are very happy with their new condo! I bought a Precision Pet brand kit from Tractor Supply (TS) on sale for $350.00 and the kit was the best I have ever experienced. ACE wanted $700.00 for the same kit, Walmart $500.00, so TS had a great sale on this unit. Comes in two huge boxes...
  6. Tree Goat

    To Mite or not to Mite??? That is the question.😀

    Have a starter herd of six hens and four turkey poults. Should I be practicing preventive medicine for my birds by spraying the brood and birds with Mite prevention mist? Or should I just wait and eradicate if mites surface? Thanks in advance.
  7. Tree Goat


    Excellent web site! With the various threads here, I already solved a few issues with the four poults and six chicks I purchased last week; thank you. Will most likely separate the turkeys from the chics to ensure no bullying. When my five kids were still in the roost, they raised a...
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