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  1. sorce

    1st GLW egg 5 months 1 week

    Just in time to bribe the new neighbors with some eggs for permission to keep my girls! Amy laid her first egg. Quite sure it was her anyway. Pretty sure it wasn't Charlotte, but she's not far behind! Just right in the run, got a temporary situation going on while getting documents...
  2. sorce

    Free roam chickens stay outside all winter

    Could be rodents are moving into the coop with the cold weather? Not enough ventilation? Sorce
  3. sorce

    Hey there! new to the site, any Urban backyard farmers too?

    Research more than just the best layers. As, the best layers may be not cold hardy, may fly away, may attack your kids....etc. Consider a centralized compost pile/run. Sorce
  4. sorce

    Leasing Land in Illinois

    Like, you may get robbed on a land deal right now cuz of it. Sorce
  5. sorce

    Leasing Land in Illinois

    I have a friend with land in Michigan. Weed went legal and the big$ offers started coming in. Hold out for a deal. Haven't looked up the Illinois growing laws, it's worth looking into. The difference between $ and $$$$$. That ship may have already passed though. Sorce
  6. sorce

    What predator ?

    Are you out in The sticks? Could be bear or boar. Sorce
  7. sorce

    My Mac and Cheese sucks...Help

    That's awesome! I have been eating the non velveeta velveeta like ones and like them. I thought, I used to hate this,but them realized I hate velveeta. The Cracker Barrel White Chedder set it off now I get the Great vaue brand smoked gouda. Been trying to make my daughter make a real one...
  8. sorce

    Just lost a chicken and have only one remaining

    Quit work! Sorce
  9. sorce

    Heating Lamp in winter?

    It is of course, difficult or impossible to read any coop venting, but the "safe middle ground" is large enough for the actual numbers to be quite rounded. You could use an actual chimney to exchange air and read it. Been pro and conning coop chimneys lately. Sorce
  10. sorce

    Heating Lamp in winter?

    I reckon with three figures... Number of Chickens. Cubic feet of coop. And vent CFM. (Cubic feet per minute) You can figure a perfect situation. For instance, my 2 hens won't sufficiently heat a walk-in sized coop. But they can fog up say, an aquarium. That middle ground is where you want to...
  11. sorce

    3rd times the charm...finally happy with my feeder

    I think the key to the pipe is a 3 or 4inch pipe. Still trying to source some. Sorce
  12. sorce

    Coworkers... Gotta love em?

    This thing is much bigger than her petty actions. Absolutely no sense thinking childish games will prevent someone from getting sick. Just make the anonymous call. Though... Something about an auditor cooking would have Chef Ramsay up in f bombs anyway. Sounds fishy! Sorce
  13. sorce

    A one minute Rant.....

    Say something! The worst is when bad information gets through to other folks. Sure, we may not be able to change an OP's understanding, but letting BS slide means it could end up hurting someone who CAN be correctly led. My chickens are smarter than most people! Sorce
  14. sorce

    Hen killed by something

    I'd guess what left the head was scared by something bigger. Sorce
  15. sorce

    Thinking about getting horses, need advice?

    I'd be a tad worried about only riding weekends too. More time at home than out makes for wanting to go home an even stronger urge on the way home. Which can mean an uncontrollable horse and bad accidents. Research through it! Good Skill! Sorce
  16. sorce

    Securing Openings of a Tin Roof

    The retained ventilation is the plus for me. Closing that would spell big changes. Sorce
  17. sorce

    Securing Openings of a Tin Roof

    Or little tight rolls of hardware cloth inserted and screwed thru. Sorce
  18. sorce

    Securing Openings of a Tin Roof

    You can just smash it with a hammer. Or cut it, hammer, and screw or nail down for a cleaner, more secure fix. Sorce
  19. sorce

    Red tail hawks are toying with me and terrorizing my flock!

    Some info. Sorce
  20. sorce

    Diatomaceous Earth

    I use Napa Floor Dry # 8822 as a substrate for bonsai trees. It's good for soaking up oil too. Every other "use" is made up and marketed to sell byproduct. AKA a hoax. AKA pure profit. AKA snake oil. Grandma been raising chickens forever and she don't know what "food grade DE" is. Sorce
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