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  1. AlaskaGrownEggs

    My Girls Won't Eat Their Vegies!

    I was thinking something you could try is to mash it up with their other favorite food and see if they begin to like it. I have not tried it, but it could work. It's worth shot.
  2. AlaskaGrownEggs

    What kind of chicken is this?

    I am not sure.........but maybe a bantam????
  3. AlaskaGrownEggs

    Help! Supposed to be Black Australorps pullets

    That is what I thought!!!!!!! BUT, no one paid any heed. JUST JOKING. Hope a roo what you wanted.
  4. AlaskaGrownEggs

    Help! Supposed to be Black Australorps pullets

    The second one looks like a roo
  5. AlaskaGrownEggs

    11 week old Silver Laced Wyandottes-Hoping for help with genders.

    Well, the first one and the third look like cockerels to me. The ones with the saddle could be pullets because the are going bald in the back because the cockerels are attempting to mate them. Just a thought. The second one looks like a pullet to me, but I could be wrong. Hope this helps!!!!
  6. AlaskaGrownEggs

    The Wyandotte Thread

    Even though I have no pictures......... I will be getting some laced wyandottes. I have always loved them and just waiting to get them. These forum makes me want them even more.
  7. AlaskaGrownEggs

    "They don't lay in the winter."

    What I meant when I said warm, I meant that they can't have drafts and the correct surroundings. Just wanted to clear that up.
  8. AlaskaGrownEggs

    Hi, I'm new here!

    from Alaska!!!!!!
  9. AlaskaGrownEggs

    The Welsummer Thread!!!!

    Quote: I am going to be getting some this spring too!!!
  10. AlaskaGrownEggs

    Chickens in Alaska

    Quote: my sis is in Wasilla... she's a veterinarian. don't know if she has chickens though... That is awesome!!
  11. AlaskaGrownEggs

    Chickens in Alaska

    Hello from Wasilla, Alaska!!!!!!
  12. AlaskaGrownEggs

    How many layers can I put in 120 sq. ft.?

    X2 means that he/she agrees with whoever he/she is quoting.
  13. AlaskaGrownEggs

    Breed of Chick

    I agree a Production red, but some buff orpington chicks are very red like yours.
  14. AlaskaGrownEggs

    Other Pets & Livestock Database

    I agree with you ChickenWisperer. Mine seems to know when I come in and puts his eyes in a weird shape and stares at the ceiling waiting for them to fall. It looks so funny!
  15. AlaskaGrownEggs

    Other Pets & Livestock Database

    Can I add on leopard geckos that they can not eat KING meal worms. They can have some like twice a year maybe, but can cause them to become over weight. Mine is already fat on crickets at least his tail.
  16. AlaskaGrownEggs

    Other Pets & Livestock Database

    Quote: I can not believe it.... I was reading this and thought of putting mine on there!! They are awesome pets aren't they?
  17. AlaskaGrownEggs

    Lost my first hen to a predator )=

    I am so sorry:hugs. I hope you find the culprit:somad.
  18. AlaskaGrownEggs

    Can you ID these beasties?

    Definitely golden laced wyandottes. I am looking into getting those... SO EXCITED:celebrate!!! Congrats by the way!!!! YOU HAVE SOME BEAUTIFUL CHICKENS:cd!!!!
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