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  1. jimmywalt

    Inexpensive leg bands needed (2)

    We have 3 ISA browns that are about 6 weeks old. We would love to find some super inexpensive leg tags for 2 of them so that we can tell them apart. Any idea where we can find 2?
  2. jimmywalt

    Is this a pullet or rooster? We purchased this barred rock as a pullet on 3/18/18 (19 days ago)

    Is this a pullet or rooster? We purchased this barred rock as a pullet on 3/18/18 (19 days ago), so it's probably 3 weeks old now. It seems to act in charge. Likes to sit on top of the waterer and just doesn't look like our other chicks
  3. jimmywalt

    Can you locate hot and cold in a single wire adapter?

    Is there a way to cut the single wire power adapter wire as to separate the hot and cold wires inside? In the second adapter pictured there are 2 wires coming out which would work, but I only have a single wire adapter that I would like to use. Is this possible?
  4. jimmywalt

    How to stop chicks from wasting food?

    We have some baby chicks that are just over a week old. They sure do love to flip the food around in the brooder and waste it. Our feeder is like what I pictured. Are there any ways to help prevent or slow down the wasted food? Thank you.
  5. jimmywalt

    How do I find the threads I have authored?

    Is there an easy was to find a listing of the threads I have authored (started)? Thank you.
  6. jimmywalt

    Help with baby chicks please

    It's been 5 years since we had baby chicks and I have forgot everything so I'm asking for some help. We are doing a "backyard chicken" in a residentail area so it's going to be a very small scale. We are getting 3 ISA Brown's. Following are my questions 1. What chick starter should we feed them...
  7. jimmywalt

    IT'S A VERY SAD DAY TODAY..............

    IT'S A VERY SAD DAY TODAY.............. Yesterday when we got home we found a notice on the door from the township letting us know that we couldn't have our chickens any longer. We weren't in compliance with the zoning for farm animals since we live in a subdivision and don't have enough land...
  8. jimmywalt

    Great plans (very detailed too) for a chicken ark

    Here are some great plans that I found for a chicken ark. The plans are extremely detailed. Hope this helps someone. It's a PDF file that you can print. You can do a Google search for it "pasture poultry ark (A3908-02)" or clicking on the link below...
  9. jimmywalt

    Help me figure how to put doors on my rabbit hutch please.

    I'm not a builder but my wife talked me into building her a rabbit hutch. She wants to get 2 rabbits. Here's where I'm at with the hutch so far. One level for each rabbit. The left side will be a door with hardware cloth, the right side will be a solid door and will provide shelter from the...
  10. jimmywalt

    At what age/temprature can chicks live outside (and a couple other questions)

    Ok last year we started out with 5 chicks. I knew all of the answers to these questions...... but since it's been a year I have forgot! We now have 3 new baby chicks living in a brooder in our house and I don't know the answers to these questions - We have a Barred Rock, White Leghorn and Sliver...
  11. jimmywalt

    PLEASE help me find the plans for this incredible rabbit hutch

    Hello. I found these pictures of this rabbit hutch via google images. I just love this hutch. It's made from pallets! For the life of me I can't locate the website that these pictures were from. Everything just directs me back to Flicker. I would LOVE to know the plans to this hutch (length x...
  12. jimmywalt

    HELP!!!!!!!!!! - 3 to 4 day old chick very sick. Looks like she's going to die

    I try to help my local feed store. When the get a sick baby chick they call me and I bring it home and try to nurse it back to health. About 1 hour ago I got the call. Sick 3 to 4 day old Americana (easter-egger) pullet. I brought her home, see that her rear was stuffed with poo, cleaned it...
  13. jimmywalt

    What kind of plywood, sheeting, etc is ok for exterior applications in the upper north?

    To all you builders out there.................. What kind of plywood, OSB, sheeting, etc is ok for the exterior walls on a chicken coop? Something that would withstand the upper north winters and spring rains? Maybe something that could be painted too. Not sure what it would be called...
  14. jimmywalt

    My Porcelain D'uccle Bantam finally laid her FIRST egg today.... After 1 year!!!!

    My Porcelain D'uccle Bantam finally laid her FIRST egg today.... After 1 year!!!! I was really thinking that she would NEVER ever lay. I was also worried that "she" might be a "he" and even asked some of you about a week ago!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited I can't believe she really laid this...
  15. jimmywalt

    Integrating chicks with the Older Flock - Questions

    I found a great article here at BYC at It says - If you want to mix them in with the older hens, have the chicks in a little chicken tractor(or separate pen)just outside the older flocks run, when they are old enough to be outside...
  16. jimmywalt

    BYC Android App!!!!

    So would you use an BYC Android App???????????? Seems that BYC doesn't think there are enough of us that would use an Android app, but in the 8 pages of this thread MANY have asked for one. Nifty-Chicken...
  17. jimmywalt

    Where can I find a small shipping crate to make into a coop?

    I've been watching craigslist for all the areas around with no luck. I want to build a small coop about 3'x3'x3' or 4'x4'x4 approximately. I thought I would call some businesses, but wonder what type of companies have these small crates and might throw them out? I also would prefer something...
  18. jimmywalt

    Is this a hen or rooster? - Porcelain D'uccle Bantam 12 months old

    We have this Porcelain D'uccle Bantam that is now 12 months old......... We thought this was a female, but after 12 months with still NO eggs we are wondering if this is actually a male? "It" doesn't crow like a rooster. In fact it's totally quiet and doesn't make any noises. Also it's kept...
  19. jimmywalt

    Where can I find the local 4-H?

    I've tried to google it, ask the two feed stores in town........ and no one knows. We live near zip code 49456 in Michigan. The best Google can give is Michigan State University which is located it in the VERY MIDDLE of the state. There must be something near us, but I just can't find it...
  20. jimmywalt

    Help me name my silver laced wyandotte chick.

    We just brought her home tonight (on the left in the picture) and we don't have any ideas of names for her. She joins her two sisters that came home last Thursday - Leghorn "Twinkie" in the middle and Barred Rock "Oreo" on the right. She is so darn cute. I've wanted a SLW since we got our...
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