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  1. TicketyBoo

    Bourbon Red Turkey Eggs - Ontario

    1 dozen Bourbon Red turkey eggs, excellent fertility from beautiful healthy birds. Will ship anywhere in Canada.
  2. TicketyBoo

    Gasping Chick

    Saw another similar post so I copy and pasted. What type of bird, age, weight Columbian Wyandotte, 2.5 wks slightly feathered What is the behavior, exactly In the corner by itself, puffed up, gasping for air. No sneezing or any other signs, just looking tired and gasping. How long has the...
  3. TicketyBoo

    Rooster lost his voice

    I have a 2-3yr old SLW rooster who seems to have lost his voice recently. About two weeks after that happened he got into a spat with another rooster and he has been compulsively shaking his head since. I can't seem to see anything on his face that would be irritating him but I wonder if the...
  4. TicketyBoo

    Brinsea Octagon Opinions

    I'm looking to upgrade my incubators this year and would love to hear about anyone's opinions or experiences with the Brinsea Octagon bators! A friend has an R-Com Mini which does everything automatically and she has a 100% hatch rate. But it only holds 3 eggs. We need something bigger, but...
  5. TicketyBoo

    Looking for Ontario, Canada breeders

    Hi, I'm looking for breeders in Ontario that have Silver Laced Wyandottes or Buff Orpingtons. I'll be attending the show in Woodstock at the end of this month and would like to make some contacts and/or pick up some new breeding stock. Anyone have some suggestions as to who I could contact? Thanks!
  6. TicketyBoo

    Wanted: BO, SLW and Royal Palms (Ontario)

    I am looking for (as the title says) BO hens SLW hens Royal Palm hens Have some to trade Located in Ontario, Canada Thanks!
  7. TicketyBoo

    Royal Palm Turkey Tom Sale/Trade Ontario

    I have a 28wk old Royal Palm turkey for sale, he is in full feather and ready to breed. Would like to sell (price negotiable) or trade for Royal Palm hen or....? What do you have? Located in Midwestern Ontario, can meet at Woodstock show on the 30th or make other arrangements.
  8. TicketyBoo

    WTB: Ontario - Orpington's, Wyandott's, Call Ducks

    I am looking for: At least one Buff Orpington hen, under 3yrs of age preferably. Silver Laced Wyandott's White Call ducks - I particularly need a drake PM if you have any of the above. Thank you!!
  9. TicketyBoo

    Selling birds, WWYD in this situation

    What would you do if someone drove several hours to buy some birds and planned to transport them in a very inappropriate way? i.e. too many birds to one cage, using plastic feed bags, too many hours without food/water...? These are breeder birds so as much as I'd like to make money off of them...
  10. TicketyBoo

    Splayed legs

    Is there anything I can do for the two quail I have with splayed legs? They both seem to have a problem with the right leg and one has curled toes on the left foot. I had excellent luck with putting a shoe on one of the others with curled toes, but not this one. They flop around and are eating...
  11. TicketyBoo

    Turning issue

    I have to go away for a few days and leave my precious eggs with DH to watch and turn. I usually turn them 3-4x/day but he'll be lucky to remember once or at the most twice. If he forgets for a day or two, will that damage them? Will once a day be enough for 3 days?
  12. TicketyBoo

    Cracked egg

    Okay so I had a case of butter fingers this morning while turning my very very very important call duck eggs. One slipped and cracked. Is there ANYTHING I can try to do to fix it? super glue? saran wrap? anything at all? I'm really desperate here because these are my absolute last hope for...
  13. TicketyBoo


    What would make a chick hatch backwards in the egg? It's butt was pushed into the air cell (unless it pipped through then rotate completely?) and its head was at the narrower end of the egg. Obviously it died because I was trying to be good and stay hands off. It was very determined to hatch by...
  14. TicketyBoo

    WTB: Call ducks/eggs/ducklings

    I'm looking for WHITE call ducks, prefer eggs to hatch but also interested in ducklings and mature ducks. Ship to Michigan mid-July or can pickup between MI and Chicago weekend of July 9th. PM or e-mail littlegreymare @
  15. TicketyBoo

    WTB: Brown egg layers -Ontario

    I'm looking for some young pullets or chicks in Ontario. Anything from day-old to 30 weeks. PM or e-mail littlegreymare @
  16. TicketyBoo

    WTB: Silver Laced Wyandott, Buff Orpington pickup or ship MI

    As the subject line says, I'm looking for silver laced wyandotts or buff orpingtons to be picked up in Michigan or shipped for July 9th-13th. I can pickup on the 9th or 13th. please PM or e-mail littlegreymare @
  17. TicketyBoo

    Color of white Chantecler chicks

    What color would a white Chantecler chick be? I have two that are grey... Is this normal??
  18. TicketyBoo

    When DO you help??

    So it's day 23 for two of my Chantecler eggs and day 21 for the other two that remain. (Okay, I'm a newbie and had multiple issues but I'm hoping for better results with the BO's due later in the month!) Anyway...the one broke through the air cell yesterday morning and has been tapping away...
  19. TicketyBoo

    Should I use a hatcher?

    I have a few staggered hatches coming up. May 31st (2), June 2nd(10), June 4th(4 quail) and I just found out my (12)BO eggs are ready today. I'm kinda running out of room in the incubator so I was thinking, should I make a hatcher? And what's the difference between a bator and a hatcher, just...
  20. TicketyBoo

    Hydro Outage coming up...

    So we have a "planned" hydro outage happening on Sunday morning for 4 hours. What should I do with my eggs? I could...get my electrician of a DH to wire up a 12volt converter to a car battery and set it beside the incubator. I could borrow an inverter, set the incubator in the car and plug it in...
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